Review for The Smidgens Crash-Land

Review for The Smidgens Crash-Land

The Smidgens Crash-Land by David O'ConnellThe Smidgens are back! This time more adventure, more baddies, and something new as well!

I was so excited to read this book and I am still happy I did because it was tons of fun, but for some reason it was also a struggle. In the end I managed to read the book by just baking cookies and other things in between. Bake/mix, read, wait for cookies, mix some more, bake, read, and so on. That distraction definitely worked.

I will be writing a good/eh review!

😍 Loved that we go right into the story where we left of in the first one. Or well, almost, the month of house arrest is now over and Gafferty is free again to do her thing.
😍 Loved that we read more about the place the Smidgens live in, the factory and how each family made their homes. I do so wish I could step in the story, shrink to tiny size, and then see the factory and the places the Smidgens live for myself. That would be so cool!
😍 Had such a laugh at Gafferty’s descriptions of her little brother. She loves him, but he sounds like a terror. XD
😍 Loved how the Smidgens try to make sense of the Big Folk words (mangling them at times into how you pronounce it) and the things they do. From using a lens holder as a picnic basket to using cleaning clothes for diapers to figuring out what Golf is to much more. It is so much fun to see the human world through the eyes of someone tiny.
😍 Loved that we were going to another place in the town/city! This time we are taking the bus to the golf course! I was wondering how the little ones there, if there were Smidgens, were living there. And then when we found out, I loved it! Wanted to just step in there and live there. I love how they make use of the holes in the golf course, and love how they made everything light and open.
😍 Loved finding out more about the ghosts. Yes, I don’t like the villain’s POV (as I will talk about in the next part) but I do like some parts. And this was one of them. That man was just very spooky and creepy and I wonder if he will be the next big villain in the next story!
😍 The cover! It is just so much fun and I love the green colour.
😍 Noah! Such a fun addition. I loved how sweet and open he was to the Smidgens. Kept a secret. Helped them out in many different ways. I do hope that we see more of him later!
😍 Loved that Gafferty is learning and seeing that going on adventure is fun, but that she cannot just abandon everything/everyone and that she has to think more about her safety. Well, and those she drags along in her adventures. She isn’t always happy with things, but I am happy to see that later on she understands why people said or did things.
😍 It was so adventurous and fun!
😍 While the new Smidgen friend wasn’t at first my favourite.. I warmed up to her and by now I quite like her! I can also forgive her for how she was in the beginning. Given how those Smidgens were… children take those emotions/feelings over and especially when, by coincidence things go all haywire, I can imagine that she may think that her elders are truly right. But I am happy that she saw another side.

😶 Not sure how I felt about the new Smidgens. I mean, I can understand where they come from… but I also would have liked them to be a bit more open about things.

😑 Once again, I am not a fan of villain POV. Really. No. I don’t see why they need to be added so much to books. Just give me the heroes. The good guys. Maybe more POVs of that. But please, no annoying baddies like Claudia. Her POVs were a BIG struggle. Yes, sure, we learn some new things and I got some questions now, but still bleh.
😑 Such a shame about Crumpeck (I think that was his name at least, haha). He was pretty decent in the previous book, but in this one he goes all bonkers in the end and does some hurtful/harmful things and I just wanted to yeet the little Smidgen to the moon. Well, after I stole back the knife of course. XD

All in all, a very good book once again! I am quite curious about what will be next. Given the ending…. there are a few things that I am hoping/excited for.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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