Review for There’s A Unicorn in Your Book

Review for There’s A Unicorn in Your Book

There's a Unicorn in Your Book (Who's In Your Book?) by Tom Fletcher, Greg Abbott, Picture Book, Cute, Unicorn, Magic, Fantasy, InteractiveMy fifth There’s …. in your book and I loved it once more~ This time a cute unicorn is hiding in my book!

After the wonderfulness that was Alien, Elf, Dragon, and Monster, I just had to get this one when I saw it was coming out. All these books are just adorable, you can find the reviews on both this blog as well on my Dutch blog as I wrote two of them in English and one in Dutch! And I hope to read Superhero, Witch, and Wolf as well. crosses fingers she is able to do so soon

In this adorable, full of glitter and fairy dust book, we meet Unicorn. But unlike what you may think.. Unicorn is not happy. He is not into tickles or glitter. gasp I know right! I just wanted to step in the book and give this poor Unicorn a big hug. Oh and kick some gremlin’s butt because they are one of the reasons that this poor unicorn is feeling sad and worried. Thankfully, the book is fully interactive so you can help out Unicorn. By shaking, by wiggling your fingers, and more! It was so much fun and I am kind of glad that no one was in the room with me because I just never can resist participate in books like this. I was hoping that Unicorn would feel better and I looked forward to each page. What would be next? What would we do? I am really happy with how the story went and by the end I was just smiling ear to ear, and my cute-o-meter was overflowing.

I loved the cameo of the Monster! He is here and I love that he is best friends with Unicorn, that is just so adorable! And then there are more cameos near the end, but you will have to read this book to see that! Teehee~

The art was once again lovely. Greg Abbott has a really sweet and adorable style that fits with the series perfectly.

So yeah, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all and I hope that Tom Fletcher makes more There’s… in Your Book books, because I definitely could use more of these cute and interactive books in my life!

Star rating, 5 stars

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