Review for We Adopted a Baby Chick

Review for We Adopted a Baby Chick

We Adopted a Baby Chick, Lori Joy Smith, GIrl, Chick, Picture Book, Children's Book, Blue, FarmI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I should read blurbs. Because then I would have known to skip skip SKIP this book. But no, past me went with the adorable cover and the adorable title. She shouldn’t have done that.

Because this book was all about a jealous sheep and how boohoo he never got the attention he wanted of his dear humans because they now have a baby chick and later a chicken. It just wasn’t fun to read and it is sad that it took a life-threatening situation to make him realise that he was being a stupid one. Acting dumb.

So yeah, I struggled to get through but there were things I did enjoy and that is why I kept going despite Negative Nancy over there. Like the art. It was just so adorable! The chicken (and the other animals) adorable and cute! Loved seeing the chicken grow up. Loved seeing the farm (as I would call it). Loved seeing everyone in the family work together and make something fun. And I guess the ending was fun when the sheep acted normal again. I also LOVED that we got some pictures of the real life Tina and Albert!

But yeah, I cannot rate this one very high, sadly.

Star rating, 2 stars

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