Romance Reader Book Tag

Romance Reader Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to the Romance Reader Book Tag! I thought I would do something romantic on my 3rd Wedding Anniversary~

I was looking around for tags to do and well, I already did the only Wedding Book Tag I could find a year or so ago, so I thought I would do one with romance instead! Works just as well~

1. What age did you start to read romance novels?
I really started to get invested in reading romance novels a 5-8 years ago. Haha, yeah, I am sorry, I am going to be vague, you all should know by now that I am not into giving my age. At first I wasn’t a fan of sex in books, but as a year went by, and then another I started to not mind it so much. In fact, these days I am sure I could shock my younger self by what I am reading. I am all for smut and I don’t shy away from books with poly romance. XD
2. If you could pick one hero to meet from your favorite romance novels who would it be and why?
Phew, I don’t really do heroes. I got some men and women I swoon over, but I mean, hello, I am married. XD Meeting just seems awkward. But OK, I should answer this one, let’s see, Constance from Dowry of Blood and Tye from Waking up Alive.
3. Who are your favorite romance authors and why?
Oh man! Here we go: Piper Rayne, Lily Morton, Ariella Zoelle, Colleen Hoover, Eliza Gordon, Lily Frank, Casey Cox, Nicola Davidson. As to why these? Because they all write immersive, fun, funny, sexy, and great romance stories. They all keep on surprising me with great new reads.
4. What is a favorite romance novel to re-read?
While I do re-read occassionally, that is generally manga or graphic novels and maybe the odd book here and there. I am not that big on re-reading. So none for this one.
5. What book would you recommend to a non romance reader?
That really depends on if they want to read sexy books or not. I know when I just started out I didn’t want to because it just made me feel uncomfortable. But let’s see, a book that is relatively tame and one book definitely not.
Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark Publishing, Teri Wilson, Dress, Yellow, Romance, Humour, Cute, Teri Wilson Got Me Hoping, Casey Cox, Sex, Long Hair, Half-naked, Man, Vet Shop Boys, Casey Cox, LGBT, Romance

6. Which is your favorite, contemporary, suspense, or historical and why?
I think I will go for contemporary first, because that is what I read the most. I just love current time romance. Just a bit more relatable at times. But historical romance is a very close second! I just love going back to the olden times where romance wasn’t so simple as it is now. Suspense is my least favourite, I wonder if I even have books featuring that, haha.

This was oodles of fun to do! I hope everyone enjoyed my answers and let me know if you want more romance recommendations! Thanks for reading!

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