Top 10 Books June 2022

Top 10 Books June 2022

Afternoon all!

Top 10, June 2022, Books

A warm welcome to a new Top 10 Books post! This time I got to show you my Top 10 books of June! What a month!

So May was up/down, but thankfully June was a pretty good month! OK, I still have a terrible mental health, still mourning the loss of my grandparents and my two hammies (Yuki/Aagje), and with Corona making a return I am back to fretting more about things. But there were some good days in this month! Like 3rd wedding anniversary! A fun day to Rotterdam! Gardening! Baking! There were fun new shows on Netflix and HBO! Books aplenty! So I made it through this month. Hopefully next month I feel even better.
Reading-wise, a very good month. I read some amazing books, new favourites, new loves. Of course, there was also DNF, but that is what happens when you are a mood-reader like me.

This month I had three 5+ starred books and fourteen starred books. Yep, it was an amazing month! Whoop!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Walkies! by David Ziggy Greene, Dogs, Humour, Children's Book, Silly, Walkies, Cute,

ACHOO! by Simon Philip, Nathan Reed, Blue, Sneezing, Pirates, Circus, Silly, Picture Book, Blue, Boy, Animals, Children's Book, Humour
The Sceptic (Arcana Books #1) by Lily Morton, Paranormal, Dual POV, Romance, Flirting, Sexy, Ghosts
Restart After Coming Back Home (Restart After #1) by Cocomi, Adorable, Sweet, Small-town, Cover Love, Men, LGBT, Road, Romance, Dual POV, Foster, Family, Grandparents
Eye of the Storm (Rainbow Grey #2) by Laura Ellen Anderson, Fantasy, Children's Book, Weather, Children's Book, Friendship, Magic, Rainbow
Review to come to this blog on July 30th
Rex, Dinosaur in Disguise by Elys Dolan, Children's Book, Humor, Dinosaur, Silly, Yeti, Dodo, Nessie
I Love You So: A Book of Hugs by Patricia Hegarty, Thomas Elliott
Applaus voor mijn vinger by Erik van Os, Jan Jutte
De Gorgeltjes trakteren de dieren by Jochem Myjer, Rick de Haas , Fantasy, Cute, Board Book, Picture Book, Children's Book

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