What I Hope To Read July 2022

What I Hope To Read July 2022

Hey hey all~

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Welcome all to a new sparkly What I Hope To Read post! Full of new July releases that I would love to read!

June was pretty OK. Still not doing 100% right, but slowly trying to get back to at least 90%. The month had some good days in it. Like our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on the 22nd, we went to the zoo and ate some yummy food at a restaurant nearby. Or the days I spend doing my garden (I got a new electric hedge trimmer as doing it by hand was just so much). We went to see Jurassic Dominion (which was totally and utterly amazing, so many references and a great way of ending the saga). We went to Rotterdam for Rooftop days and after that I bought some new books from the bookstore nearby. I enjoyed the sun (though not the heat, haha). As for new releases I wanted to read in June. Haha, zero. Though in my defence, most of these books didn’t come out until this week and some won’t come out until later than that. Plus, there is Amazon. XD Oh well, again, I don’t mind. More to read whenever I want to read something.

For July I got only English books to look forward to. Maybe there is a Dutch book release that I want, but unlike English it isn’t always easy to find. Hebban and Bol never list all of the books coming out. So all English! And I am very excited about these books. I got several scary books to read, though I may just save them for my camping trip in August, because what is better than to read some scary stuff in a tent!

Still no pre-orders, one day I hope that I can do that again.

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