Bookish Summer ~ July: Summery Items on Covers

Bookish Summer ~ July: Summery Items on Covers

Hey all!

Bookish Summer, Illustration, Beach

Welcome back to the second in the Bookish Summer series, today it is time for July! This time I got summery items on covers. Ice Cream, sunglasses, and more!

I really have so much fun writing these posts and finding covers that are just right for the post~ This time it was finding items/objects that are SCREAMING summer! It wasn’t always easy because Goodreads lists are such a minefield, so I had to go through my 5+ and 5 starred books. But I also added a book I haven’t read, but want to. I just needed to add a book with a watermelon. That is such a staple summer food for me.

Ice cream (YUM YUM, though maybe not all of the ones mentioned in this book XD)
The Shop Of Impossible Ice Creams by Shane Hegarty, Jeff Crowther, Ice Cream, Humour, Worrying, Silly, Chicken, Sister, Villain, Silly
Sunglasses (don’t get blinded)

Inflatables (love love inflatables)

Fan (really could use one, haha)
The Cat Proposed, Men, LGBT, M/M , Romance, Bakaneko, Fantasy, Adorable, Dento Hayane
Flipflops (the ultimate footwear for summer)
Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen, Summer, Young Adult, Beach, Pregnancy, Friendship, Flipflops, Feet
Sandcastles (yas!)

Shells and buckets (I rarely go to the beach but when I do I pick up shells)
Color Your World: A Walk on the Beach, Monica Wellington, Beach, Children's Books, Activity Book, Colouring Pages, Fun, Cute, Recipes, Facts, Sandcastles, Non-fiction, Blue, Shells, Girl, Boy, Bucket, Crab, Seagull
Watermelon (the second best fruit of the summer)
Fresh Delicious by Irene Latham, Fruit, Animals, Melon, Picture Book, Children's Book,, Mique Moriuchi
Bathing suit/bikini (very essential)
Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
Strawberries (the winner of the summer fruit award)
Strawberry Love: 45 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Shortcakes, Hand Pies, Salads, Salsas, Strawberries, Red, Sorbet Cup, Pink, Cynthia Graubart, Cookbook, Baking, Yummy, Non-fiction

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