Library Haul ~ 1-7-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 1-7-2022 (Library #1)


Welcome to a bright sparkling Library Haul! Yesterday I visited Library #1.

So yeah, it hasn’t been that long, just 1 and a half weeks since I last visited. But… I got my paycheck and I wanted to get that dress I have been eyeing for 3 months (it is not expensive if you think that, haha, just 25 euro) and I really wanted it now. Before it is gone because seasons change. And well, if I am in the city anyway, why not visit Library #1 while I am at it. I still have 2 books at home and that left 13 spots to fill in!

Did I fill those spots? Haha, yes, heck yeah. I did that! To the point that I thought I had 11 books, went to check out, put all the books out of my bag on the table, did part of it, and then noticed two more books just lying around. Haha. Apparently I had 13 books. XD So yeah, it was a great haul and I am so hyped that I went to visit the library. It was well worth it. I found so many great books at the non-fiction table, including a book I had been hoping to find one day (De grootste bankoverval aller tijden). I can re-read Heartstopper again, this time in a book. I have been thinking about doing that, but they kept being loaned out. But today I got lucky! Plus, I found several adorable looking children’s books (of which one I apparently already read, oh well, I will re-read and see if I like it more now). EEP! Plus, it was nice and quiet at the library (well for most) so I appreciated that a lot! I love a quiet library.

This girl is hyped! I cannot wait to get reading these books.

STATS: 13 books. 3 comic/GN, 4 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

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Een nest voor Roef by Floor Tinga, Ilse Hermans
Kraaloog by Floor Tinga, Ilse Hermans
Een week bij jou, een week bij mij by Kaat Vrancken, Saskia Halfmouw
Afstandsmoeders by Christel Don
De soortenjager by Remco Daalder
Uit het hart gegeven by Karen Witemeyer
Eindelijk Spanje by Addi Munten
De grootste bankoverval aller tijden by Frank Krake
Heartstopper #1 by Alice Oseman
Dune GN by Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Frank Herbert, Raul Allen, Patricia Martín
Blueblood by Malorie Blackman
The Discovery of the Dinosaurs by Jan Leyssens
Kolonisatie #1: Schipbreukelingen in de ruimte by Denis-Pierre Filippi

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