Library Haul ~ 22-7-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 22-7-2022 (Library #1)


A hot welcome to a new shiny Library #1 Haul! Squee! I got some new books!

In two weeks my vacation starts and I wanted to get some books in before that as I know these two weeks will be busy with getting everything ready + the daily stuff. Thankfully, it was good weather, still a bit hot and clammy but way less than at the start of the week, PHEW.

I had room for 13 books as I still have 2 at home which will be read during my vacation. I was hoping to find 13 new books today! Did I manage to? Yes, this girl actually found 16 books. Haha, it was a hard choice which ones would come home and which I had to leave behind. I wanted to take them all!

I had a lot of fun walking through the library and as you read above, I kept finding books! At every place I normally check I found books! I am also very happy I found Heartstopper #2, I am so excited that the books are out in physical and that I can re-read them without needing internet. I also took home two parts in the Kolonisatie series as I really liked that one… and well, my husband kind of demanded I get more because he loved it. XD Oh, and I am very excited about Vlinder as that one has been on my new releases I look forward to from not that long ago, squee, finally it is in the library!

As you can read, tons of fun! I cannot wait to read these books. I may take the Diagnose book with me on vacation, if I can resist reading it for another 2 weeks.

STATS: 13 books. 3 comic/graphic novels, 4 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Zij was/ik ben by Chris Perdieus
Vlinder by Martine Kamphuis
Ik win nooit iets by Evelien de Vlieger
Diagnose by Lisa Sanders
Het huis in de polder by Erik Jan Tillema
Heartstopper #2 by Alice Oseman
Ruffles and the teeny, tiny kittens by David Melling
Bakken voor royals & helden by Herman Van Dender, Stefaan Van Laere
Dierenpoep! by Paul Mason
Kolonisatie #2 by Denis-Pierre Filippi
Kolonisatie #3 by Denis-Pierre Filippi
Een verborgen geschiedenis by Thom Hoffman

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