Library Haul ~ 23-7-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 23-7-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all!

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A summery welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 haul!

I actually wanted to go last week.. however with my vacation coming up and I am not going to be able to visit these libraries I needed the date of them going back to be at least a WEEK after my vacation. Thankfully, Library #3 now also has extended loan period due to the vacation period, so everything is now well in September before they have to be returned! Phew!

First up was Library #3 which just gets more and more confusing with each and every visit, haha. They are now working hard on the entry floor, the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Which means chaos. Chaos everywhere. Books? Where are they? Haha. If it is anything like how the 5th floor (music floor) is going to look I am very hyped though! Super pretty bookcases and lots of light. Much better than it is now.

This time I took some precautions for my book bringing back part because of how it went the last time. This time I piled my books on a stack, then asked for the librarian to wait before she checked them in, and made a picture of the stack with enough background that it was quite clear it was the library I was in. Just in case. Thankfully, this time everything went fine and I could just look around without anxiety or stress. And, despite the chaos, I had tons and tons of fun walking through the library and finding new books. I found a heap of books at the 3rd floor’s non-fiction new releases. They added so many and I am just squealing in delight!

Next up Library #2! I had 17 reservations waiting but also had my eyes on a few reservations they couldn’t find + some books that according to the library had disappeared. I always love a quest/hunt for books. Most of the missing reservations could be found on the new releases tables and a few others were in the right spots in the bookshelves/bookcases. Haha, I guess they just didn’t want to search. XD Oh well, I love it! And after that I just had fun wandering around and checking my fav spots to see if I could find something I don’t know yet. In the end I had a nice stack of books in my trolley and I decided it was time to get going and pick up my reservations!

STATS: 45 books! 12 at Library #3 and 33 at Library #2. So excited!!

NOTE: First up Library #2 (3 pictures) and then Library #3 (1 picture).

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A Psalm for the Wild-built by Becky Chambers
Trapezista by Anne van Amstel
Er zijn geen torens meer by Gert Lubberts, Ina Feitsma
Haas gaat undercover by Thijs Hogenhuis
The Nine Lives of Beancat by Philip Ardagh, Rob Biddulph
Catfish Blues by Sara Lövestam
The Crossing by Manjeet Mann
De school voor goede moeders by Jessamine Chan
Vaderland by Rob Marrevee
Opslag verliefd: De Nederlandse garagebox by Rosalie
Brussel 43 by Patrick Weber
Appel by Jaski Gallery

Foodtruck fiësta by Saskia M.N. Oudshoorn
Sprookjesland is van iedereen by Boldizsár Nagy M.
Rechercheur van Driel en de cocaïnesmokkel by Roelof den Ouden
Rechercheur van Driel en de sabotage bij de kerncentrale by Roelof den Ouden
Gevoelige snaar by Yvonne Kersten
Niet vergeten by Eveline Helmink
Stadswandelingen Rotterdam by Gerard Goudriaan
De nazi’s kenden me bij naam by Magda Hellinger, Maya Lee
Brilliant Bricks by Dirk Denoyelle
Atlas van opmerkelijke feiten by Ian Wright

Kroko-detectives by John Patrick Green
Suus & Sas #4 by Gerard Leever
De vijf #1 by Enid Blyton, Natael
Welkom op de koninklijke academie by Fabien Ockto Lambert, Alexandra Arìene
Oma’s wonderbaarlijke griezelhuis by Meritxell Marti, Xavier Salomó
Russell het schaap by Rob Scotton
Ik mis Milo by Pim Lammers, Sanne te Loo
Warme truien by Judith Koppens, Andy Engel
Welterusten nu! by Jory John, Benji Davies
Hugo – eindelijk vakantie by Mia Nilsson
Emma by Matthew Forsythe
Wat doet dat ukkie hier? by Uticha Marmon, Anne-Kethrin Bhell
Verder dan ver by Joris Thys
Russell en de verdwenen schat by Rob Scotton
Van Arthur voor Zeb by Vincent X. Kirsch

George gaat los by Meg Rosoff, Georgien Overwater
Ik ben het eekhoorntje by Katrin Wiehle
De helden met duizend gezichten by Alessandro Vicenzi
Biggetje Bor by Andrea Kruis
Het kerstverhaal van Ia het ezeltje by Martine Gosselink, Thé Tjong-Khing
Een tuin vol lekkers by Felicita Sala
De dag dat oorlog naar Rondo kwam by Andriy Lesiv, Romana Romanyshyn
Zo praat je met een tijger by Jason Bittel

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 23-7-2022 (Library #2+#3)

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at both libraries getting the books you were looking for.

    It looks like you have alot of interesting books to read for awhile.

    How are you able to read all those books before they need to be returned back to the libraries?

    Also, how do you make sure you return the books to the correct libraries?

    Are you going to do reviews of these books on your blog soon?

    1. Yep! Tons of fun! So happy I got access to some amazing libraries!

      Well, for library #2 I got 6 weeks to read their books and Library #3 I got 3 weeks, but I can always extend the loan at least once (so adding another 6 and another 3 weeks) for free, so that definitely helps. Plus, I don’t always read all the books because sometimes we just don’t click.

      Each of the books have a label/stamp in them with on it the name of the library, but I also have a small bookshelf and I sort the books on there by library so I can just pick them up and put them in my bag when I go to libraries.

      As for the reviews, not on this specific blog but I may review a few here and there (really selective as I don’t want to overwork myself) on my Dutch book blog:

      Thank you for commenting! Love your questions, it was fun answering them!

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