Review for A Greene Family Vacation

Review for A Greene Family Vacation

A Greene Family Vacation (The Greene Family #6.5) by Piper Rayne, Romance, Novella, Multiple POV, Chairs, Rainbow, Beach, Sunset, Humour, Cute, GrandmasA fun book in which we follow several members of the Greene family on their vacation in Hawaii!

So confession, I haven’t read any of the Greene family yet (as of the time writing this in May 25th), but this one just sounded way too much fun. Plus, I knew that if this Greene family was just like the Baileys family (which I should really get reading some more) it wouldn’t be too necessary to know every detail. HEAs are guaranteed. I don’t really mind getting spoilers if they are getting/had kids or not. I knew I may get confused on who was who and what was happening, but I knew that with Piper Rayne’s writing everything would be fine! And yes, it turned out fine and I found myself loving these characters so much.

Meet the Greene Family. It is time for a vacation but that begins with some bickering first on who is going. Dad and Mom can’t go. Another couple can’t go because they just had a baby. I just had a laugh at how chaotic this family was and how they decided who could come along. And then the vacation starts! With even more chaos and some frustrations at the airport (I found those airport peeps so rude, for reals, I get that you have rules but you don’t have to be such a stick in the mud about them). And then the vacation starts ! And the fun! From going to the beach/pool to drinking yummy drinks to entertaining the kids to grandmas who feel very young to finding a tooth fairy so their foster kid believes in it (yes, really and it was as funny as it sounds). I laughed, I swooned, I sniffled, I loved the bonds between the couples and seeing them have fun, or at least try in the midst of all the kids.

Also I hope that I am kind of like the grandmas when I am much much older, minus the very early to bed time thing, but other than that, they were so much fun and I loved how much sass they had.

I wished I could come with this family to Hawaii, to this island, man it sounds like heaven. Good drinks, a pool/beach, lovely rooms, beautiful sunsets.

I am not sure how I felt about the fake dating, I mean, Cam, I get it, you like her, but she is still free and can make her own decisions. If she wants to play around? Let her. She is a grown woman. Later on things did get better, but in the beginning I just wasn’t happy. I am a bit tired of men acting like this.

I loved how the ending/the last part was a build-up for the newest book: My Scorned Best Friend! First we get Clara and then we get Xavier’s POV. I am definitely curious about these two and what happened between them and if Xavier is able to fix things.

I also love the cover, it is so fun with the chairs in rainbow colour on the beach. I just want to sit there and relax. I can use that.

All in all, a fun novella and now I am very eager to get started on the series. I saw that the prequel book is free, so I will be getting that soon so I can read on how it all started and get more details on the characters we met in this book~

Star rating, 4 stars

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