Review for ACHOO!

Review for ACHOO!

ACHOO! by Simon Philip, Nathan Reed, Blue, Sneezing, Pirates, Circus, Silly, Picture Book, Blue, Boy, Animals, Children's Book, HumourI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was so so hyped that I got to review/read this book! I am a big big fan of the illustrator Nathan Reed and just need to have this book! Haha. Plus, that cover and blurb sounded weird and strange and just what I needed. At the moment of reading (June 2nd) I was actually just previewing it to see if I should read it now or not, and then suddenly I was 16 pages in. It was just THAT funny and just THAT thing I needed right now when I am not feeling the best.

In this hilarious book we meet a boy named Sid. Sid is a pretty normal kid.. well until the moment he sneezes and an elephant pops out of his nose. WHAT?! I can hear you all ask me in stumped confusion. Yes, an elephant. A pink one at that. If you think that is just weird, then stop reading now. Because things are getting weirder and weirder. We meet a pirate crew on to hunt for treasure, we go to the circus, and there is just so much more. All the while Sid is sneezing and I had a laugh at what happened around him then. It was weird, silly, strange, hilarious, OMG what now, and just what I needed after a not so happy time. I was giggling and laughing and wondering what would be next. Could it get any sillier? And the answer? A very resounding HECK YES. OMG. This was just the start of the things that happened. I loved the imagination of the author and loved how the illustrator brought it all to life with the illustrations.

That ending though. That was just perfection! Cover your nose! XD (Though this girl is wondering how one holds in a whole circus crew with just the barrier of a tissue?)

I could relate to the MC very much I have to say. OK, sure, my sneezes aren’t explosive and sadly don’t bring me to pirates and neither are things coming out of my nose the size of elephants. Sadly, the only thing that comes out of my nose is snot. Yep, eww. I know. But other than that, I know the feeling of constantly having to sneeze. Constantly going ACHOOO. Especially in the past few months it has been quite a sneezefest. Now I wish my sneezefest could have been way more fun. Mmmm.

The illustrations by Nathan Reed were absolute perfection. I just love his style and it fitted very well with this nonsensical, silly, wonderful book.

All in all, guess who is adding this book to her collection? Yep, this girl is. When the book comes out I want to buy it. Because I need this book.  I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all.

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    1. Haha, yep, that elephant. XD I kind of wish something fun would pop out of my nose while sneezing, would make it less annoying. 😛 You’re welcome, I am happy to hear that! Thank you!

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