Review for Big Wild Love Adventure

Review for Big Wild Love Adventure

Big Wild Love Adventure, Romance, Sexy, Reality Show, Man, Woman, WaterI received this book from Goddess Tours in exchange of an honest review.

😍 Baking!! So much baking! I just love that our MC loves baking and made it, or is at least trying to make a career of it because things aren’t going to fine for her in the beginning. Her truck full of yummy food is falling apart and things go worse from there. But she does her best and I just love how creative she is with thinking up recipes. She has some yummy stuff and I wish there were recipes included in the book because I am a big baker myself (just hobby and stress-relief) and would have loved to try out a few of her things. Yum!
😍 Those clothes that Bailey added to Emma wardrobe. Oh boy. Oh boy. Those were hilarious, offense, and why would you do that to your best friend? XD Not only were there bad puns (including I want your frosting) but also upside down pineapples.
😍 The boys! There are many of them with this being a show, but I was mostly invested in Wes, Alex, Brian. And eventually also Tad! Yep, that man grew on me. He was rude/weird in the beginning but as the story continued I could see the potential in him. As for the others, Brian sure had some chemistry with Emma, at least at first and I found him very sweet and hot. Then there is Alex who I liked from the start and who I first hoped to see with Emma.. but then I hope he and Paige would hit it off. Because they sure made a sweet couple. Lastly, there is Wes. Wes was so sweet and the tension between him and Emma was just flowing out of the book. I was hoping each time that Emma would be able to pair with him because these two needed to kiss. XD He was also really sweet and caring.
😍 Loved that in the beginning it was a lot of trying to survive but quite soon they just became sort of a family and it was fabulous. I loved how they hoped things would go well for each other. And later in the book when a certain character makes an appearance they are there to support Emma and make sure she is fine. I just loved that. Often with reality show books you have maybe a friendship or two, but not a group that forms a family.
😍 The friendship between the girls, especially Emma and Paige had such a wonderful friendship and I loved how they shared things, talked about everything, supported each other.
😍 The reality show challenges + twists. They were tons of fun. They include hikes, kissing booths, talent shows, and more. I was looking forward to each new challenge and wished I could participate in a couple. Plus, the twists were really well done. I won’t spoil on what they were.
😍 I loved how the contestants had to go to the villa. Not the easiest way, but definitely a fun way.
😍 I loved the ceremony at the end of each week (I believe that was it). It was an interesting thing to read about. From re-pairing to shooting your shot with a heart-shaped arrow. Along with fancy dresses and glitter.
😍 Loved reading about the house, about the nature around it. The villa especially, I just wanted to go there and take a dive in the swimming pool. Yas! Or go behind the waterfall for some peace and quiet.
😍 It was fab that we also got to read about the producers/people behind the cameras. At times there were scenes and we would read how they would motivate the contestants, laugh at what happened during challenges, or supported the contestants. They also made sure everything went well and that made me so happy. Sometimes reality shows get really manipulative, so I liked the change in this one.
😍 Healing! The MC has had a difficult time, with a man who stood her up at the altar (to be with his pregnant girlfriend), a food truck accident, a loss of her home, and much more. She hasn’t had the easiest time, and I loved that as the book progressed we saw her feel better and happier. I loved that she noticed this as well. I loved that she found new friends, that she opened up her heart, discovered that not all men are dicks, and more. I loved that she got even more motivated for her baking as well.
😍 The cover was so fun!
😍 The tweets at the end were a nice addition. Like seeing some from the public but also some from the contestants.
😍 The epilogue!

πŸ€” Not entirely sure how I felt about Emma winning that many of the challenges or getting that lucky with some other things. It just felt a bit easy and I wished for just a bit more excitement. More tension.

All in all, I flew through this book and for once I don’t mind not being able to sleep because that meant I could read this one! Haha. I would recommend this book to all who love reality shows and romance books.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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