Review for Cat’s Cradle: The Golden Twine

Review for Cat’s Cradle: The Golden Twine

Cat's Cradle: The Golden Twine (Cat's Cradle #1) by Jo Rioux , Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Monsters, Stories, Kick-ass heroine, Fantasy,I received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is one of my most OMG NEED to have graphic novels of 2022, so I thought I would just put in a shot when I saw it coming on Netgalley. I knew there would be little chance to get it because of the publisher (nothing against the publisher, but it does feel a tad weird that I always keep being rejected for their books despite reading GNs/Comics/Manga quite a bit and reviewing them on my blog). Imagine my delight when I got the mail that I was accepted. I had to ask my husband to pinch me because I just couldn’t believe it. Haha.

I just loved how the book started! A boy on a farm. A chicken coop unlocked. And then a monster in the coop! This really set the tone for me (plus, I had a laugh at the expressions on the cat). I was even more hyped to really get this started!

I instantly took a liking to Suri! She was a fun, head-strong character, and I loved how dedicated she is to learning all there is about monsters (she even knew more than some of the monster tamers she met) and love her stories! She knows a lot of them and they are all exciting (on that note, can we please get a whole graphic novel with just the stories from this world? Please?), I was so hoping that we would get more.

Loved that even she could earn her money by doing something she loves doing, telling stories about monsters, about fantastical beings that lurk the earth. I was very eager for her to tell stories, I just love spooky stories/stories with monsters and magic. Though, we find out a bit more about her being at the camp and I was saddened to learn that she wasn’t actually wanted there, well not by the boss. The other peeps? They didn’t mind her. We learn a bit more on why the boss is acting like this… and I kind of could understand his side as well. Everyone needs to do their bits when they are old enough, and she would rather go on adventures. Story-telling is kind of a job, but if other peeps also need help, then maybe she should also help there.

Things really picked up around 60-70 pages, I was already OK with the story so far, but then things got up nodge and I was totally invested! I needed to know what was going on with the blonde guy (I had my suspicions given how he reacted earlier), with that monster in the cage, and if Suri would be fine! Also that twine, what is up with it! I couldn’t stop reading. I just flew! I did think it was funny that Suri, despite all her knowledge, didn’t get what they were until they transformed. XD

Byron was just the cutest and I wanted to reach in and pet him! Haha.

OH MY GOSH! That ending! Love it! I already had a suspicion that this would be the first book, but I am excited to see that confirmed! I cannot wait for the next book because things are definitely going to get heated and maybe a tad scary! Now I just got to wait patiently… mm, nope.

The art was really beautiful, I so so love the style of it and how well it fitted with the story. It made it even more magical~

All in all, HYPE! This was tons of fun! I would recommend it to all who love mystery, adventure, monsters, fantasy, and a kick-ass heroine~

Star rating, 5 stars

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