Review for Coffee Moon, Vol.1

Review for Coffee Moon, Vol.1

Coffee Moon, Vol. 1, Rain, Time loop, Loop, Sci-fi, Strange, Weird, Friendship, Mystery, Rain, Manga, Girl, Buildings, Mochito BotaA world in which it only rains. A girl experiencing looping her birthday for the 1033+ time.

I was looking for something out of the box. Something odd. Something strange. I came across this one and was very curious. A rainy city? A girl stuck in a loop? A friend who also gets stuck in a loop. Strange but fab art? Sign me up.

Meet Pieta. A girl who has been stuck in a loop for 1033 days. She keeps on celebrating her 16th birthday over and over and over and over again. She has tried to make the best of it. Tried to take detours. Went on adventures. Almost petted a bag she thought was a cat. She took measures to make the day better, because while she cannot take anything from the previous day’s loop she does keep the memories. And she learns from that. After all this I am still not sure how I feel about Pieta at times. I mean, I guess after 1000+ days you just kind of give up on things. Just try to make it through yet another same day. That you do try to make something different.. but that in the end you just go with it. Still I would have liked to see her just do a bit more. Fight more. Figure out things.

Thankfully it isn’t just Pieta we follow because quite soon after the first time we meet her friend, Danae. Her friend gets stuck in the loop too. And she isn’t have a birthday. Oh no. She has a dad who wants to go for a rap career and she is NOT amused she has to go through that each day. XD I really loved the addition of Danae as it made the day just a bit more exciting. A bit more fun. Danae is still in the early stages of things. Still feels all the feels. Feels very strong about being stuck. Wants to explore everything. Buy all the things (hey, if your money resets, I guess I would do the same, haha). I am happy with Danae. She is an odd character, but a very good friend and with her in the team it makes the manga fun. Pieta goes places she normally wouldn’t go. Pieta does more things.

And in the later chapters we get the addition of a new character, Chiaro. I am still not sure if she will be stuck in the loop as well (given how Pieta mentioned Chiaro’s eyes being the same…), I am kind of hoping yes, but on the other hand also no. I know, this girl is confusing. Haha. Her father is a big person in the city, a politician. People are not happy with him and we see how that affects his daughter. I loved how open and kind Chiaro was. How much she wanted to have a friend. Despite all the chaos and danger.

There are still so many questions I have. About the museum, about that girl that looks like Pieta that Pieta keeps seeing, about how Pieta got stuck in the loop and took Danae with her, did she do anything on her birthday, why is everything now changing when it has been the same for so many days, why is it always raining in the city (something magical or not), what is up with the weird eyes, will they get out of the loop and what will be next for them then.

The ending, ARGH, cliffhanger! I so want to know more. I need to know more! So, as soon as I can (because I don’t want to go through it too fast), I will be reading more!

The art is pretty nice. I love how the style fits with the story. The mysteriousness, the hopelessness, endless rain, strange things.

All in all, if you want a strange manga about timeloops, friendship, melancholy, rain, be sure to check out this manga.

Star rating, 4 stars

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