Review for Eye of the Storm

Review for Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm (Rainbow Grey #2) by Laura Ellen Anderson, Fantasy, Children's Book, Weather, Children's Book, Friendship, Magic, RainbowRay Grey is back! This time mysterious missing cloud creatures, strange eyes, and more!

The newest book from Laura Ellen Anderson, and it took me a bit to read (got the book end of March and it took me till the mid of June before I started reading) but here we are! As soon as I started I couldn’t stop. It was just that well-written.

In this book we see Ray trying to learn more Rainbow Magic, figure out how things work, and also find some peace and quiet. Well, girl, you are not going to find that the next weeks. Because things are quickly going weird. First during a ceremony where babies get their cloud creatures, the cloud creatures disappear. Next things are going wonky. There are glowing eyes everywhere. And there is a lot more that is happening. Really, there was so much things going on and I just HAD to know what was up. I loved how things got more more hectic as the story went on. I do think it was quite strange that this world relies so much on their cloud creatures. I get that is where they get their magic.. but it also makes for an easy thing to target if you want to destroy the world. A bit too easy if I think about it. I was curious if it was Tornadia and what would be next. Would Ray be able to defeat Tornadia? What will the consequences be?

I love that Ray had such wonderful friends and that they never gave up on her, kept on believing her. They were wonderful. Though Droplett should learn not to splash everyone, I just felt for their other friend and his constant soggy (almost want to put a GIF from Mary Berry here) sandwich. I did love that competition she was captain of though, that seems like such a cool thing to do and I wish I had weather magic!

I was just so pissed at everyone everywhere and how they treated Ray. Like she was a bad person. Yes, she has rainbow magic, but instead of being accepting that she has a lot to learn you clearly expect her to do it all perfectly in one go + you keep distrusting her (which is also not helping someone). I just wanted to yeet some snowballs to these people. To make them cool down and think. This is a child. She is trying. She saved your asses last time as well. Be kind. Be nice. Support her in every way you can. 😐

I do love (OK, maybe it is also a dash sad) that when a rainbow person goes bad/her magic is drained that their hair goes monochrome. Tornadia looked like a very funky Cruella de Vil.

But did you have to do that ending, writer? I was just crying, so so much. I mean, I had a suspicion when Ray came back (though I wish she could have stayed just a bit longer because WOW)… but I didn’t think we would truly go there. Not many children’s books do that, so I was pretty shocked and then kept crying. How dare you! shakes fist and cries some more

All in all, this was one heck of a ride. I loved every bit of it and I just couldn’t stop reading. Magic, friendship, excitement, scary moments, and more! I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

Star rating, 5 stars

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