Review for Interview With Cleopatra and Other Famous Rulers

Review for Interview With Cleopatra and Other Famous Rulers

Interview With Cleopatra and Other Famous Rulers by Andy Seed, Gareth Conway, History, Non-Fiction, Time Travel, Children's Book, Cleopatra, FunThe author uses a time travel device to interview all the hottest world leaders from the past!

I just LOVE LOVE history books, but I especially love history books that take a twist on learning kids history. Like how the Horrible History books were always packed with puns, jokes, silly stuff among with the more serious stuff. So I couldn’t resist a book in which the author will tell us all about various world leaders from the past by interviewing them!

I really loved the selection of world leaders. Some very well known ones, Cleopatra and Genghis Khan. But also some lesser known ones, like the Harald Bluetooth and Mansa Musa. I was curious to see which one he would see next. Yes, I skipped reading the content page, I just wanted to be surprised.

The interviews were terribly fun, though at times I did think the author was a tad rude towards to the people he interviewed, sometimes he made jokes that I wasn’t sure fitted things (I mean was the husband thing for Elizabeth needed?). And at first I thought he really didn’t know much, but then I realised he was doing it on purpose so that things could be explained for the kids and then I started liking that a bit more. Haha. But for most I was really loving the interviews and see what kind of questions he asked. From anything about their family to how they got where they have gotten now to about their past. And I loved that the leaders also asked him questions. Like where he came from, why he was wearing funny clothes, what was going to happen in the future. I love how dynamic and fun the interviews were. Interviews in my eyes can go two ways. Boring and just question/answer or fun with banter in between.

I also loved that at the end we got some extra bits of information on the leaders. From What happened next to true/false and more. There are maps and more fun illustrations. Definitely happy that the author decided to add these to the mix.

I am now kind of curious about the animal book. Yes, apparently he interviewed animals. He used the same machine for that as he did to time travel. Well, OK, he made some adjustments so it would be able to time travel.

The illustrations by Gareth Conway are just perfection! I love the style of the illustrations, they are so fun and playful.

All in all, I really had oodles of fun reading this one. It was interesting, silly, funny, and I even learned a few new things along the way. I would recommend this one to all who likes history and likes it to be told with humour.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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