Review for Little Lion

Review for Little Lion

Little Lion: A Day in the Life of a Lion Cub by Anna Brett, Carmen Saldana, Africa, Cute, Lions, Non-Fiction, Picture Book, cuteI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Lions are just adorable and I just had to check out this cute book about a little cub and the pride he lives in. Plus, that cover was so cute and I love how it looks like the little cub has a big shiny mane!

In this book we meet Little Lion, a tiny cub with whom/who we are spending the day! I was excited to see all the fun things the lions got up to in their daily lives and wondered if it would be mostly non-fiction, or if the facts were interwoven with the story. I can tell you that it was a nice blend of facts with cute story! We follow this cub through her day and see her play, find water, learn new things, tell us happily about her big brothers and her father and mother, there is even an exciting moment. It was all very cute and fun and I even learned two new things (that lion cubs hide in trees and that if there is no water that lions drink from plants).

I was a bit surprised that our little lion was a girl! Again, as I said about the cover, I thought that the sun was its mane so I thought naturally it would be a boy.

After the story there are extras! From fun facts to some great puzzles to how to help lions to crafts. I always love it when authors add extras to their books. So that gets some extra bonus points from me.

The art by Carmen Saldana were just so cute and lovely, I really love the style and while lions are dangerous I often just wanted to pop into the book to give them a cuddle. XD

All in all, a very cute and adorable book with tons of facts and great extras. Recommended!

Star rating, 4 stars

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