Review for Lots of Things to Know About Animals

Review for Lots of Things to Know About Animals

Lots of Things to Know About Animals by James MacLaine, Carolina Búzio, Animals, Children's Book, Funny, Visual, Facts, Non-FictionA fun and cute book filled to the BRIM with animals and facts!

I read this book in Dutch but I had so much fun reading it that I thought I would review it in English, after all that is the original language for the book! And I would love that this book gets more love.

I have had my eyes on this book ever since I saw it pop up on one of my libraries new releases page. Sadly, it was being loaned out all the time. Thankfully though I got several libraries and one of them did have it in stock!

In this book we go into the wild wonders of animals! We learn all sorts of fun and interesting facts, but also some very weird ones (I still can’t get over wombat poop, no matter how often I read about it). There is no clear organisation in the book, we just hop from one theme to another per page, but did I mind it? Maybe just a bit, but I also kind of loved it. It just made for very fun reading because you had no clue what would be next. We read about who gets the most birthdays to whose the best architect in the animal kingdom to how animals say hi to each other (eww to those lobsters). I loved reading all these facts and I even learned a couple of new ones. Like that apparently indri sing a song with their family and when a young male sings out of tune it is time for him to leave the group, that is so interesting. Or that there are flying squid. I was definitely never bored!

When I first saw the book and its placement (very young readers) I thought is that correct? Now after reading I can say that this book is indeed perfect for the younger readers. Some words may be a tad too difficult for them, but in overall this is a very visual book and with the help of parents I think the younger ones can figure it out. But I would also recommend it for older kids (and of course adults like me).

The illustrations are really great fun, I got to see what Carolina Búzio has done more because I really like her style.

I also love how the book was made, it is very visual. Lots of colours, pictures, fun fonts, everything just makes you hold your attention. Though haha, my ADHD got a bit distracted by all the shininess. I was reading x-fact when my head would see something even more cute and there we go, to y-fact.

All in all, highly recommended to kids and adults. This fun visual book will make you laugh, go ohhh (and ahh), and have tons of fun.

Star rating, 5 stars

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