Review for My Pretty Policeman, Vol.3

Review for My Pretty Policeman, Vol.3

My pretty Policeman 3, Niyama, Romance, LGBT, Police, Cute, Sweet, Manga, ShrineThe final volume! So sad it is over, I will miss these two guys!

I am so glad that I bought both this one and volume 2 so I don’t have to wait but instead can just read quite soon after the other. Though it also meant that it will be over sooner. Haha.

I am a bit tired but want to write a review so I will just do a chapter by chapter review.

Chapter 1: OH MY GOODNESS. Shin! Those are some spicy items, or should I say soft? Teehe. I just loved how Seiji was cleaning the house and came upon them (searching for porn eh) and then made a plan. Not sure if his butt is OK with the plan after what happened next. Dang, their sex scenes are normally already very SPICY and HOT, but this one was just WOW, even Seiji was like WHUT and practically died. XD I love Shin’s expressions, especially when Seiji captured him and told him about how he found them.

Chapter 2: This was just the cutest chapter with some sweet teary moments between Shin and Seiji, but also tons of cats! Chico, Seiji’s kitty has a boyfriend who comes to visit her at times and Shin and Seiji are all in to investigate (which had me in stitches as Shin was totally turned on when Seiji went all detective/police man). I really loved the chapter and I was very much invested. Hoping that they would find out what is up with the cat and who he belongs to. I was definitely sad as we found the truth but was also happy sad because of what happened next. Soooooo cute!

Chapter 3: Ohhh, a Judo competition and Seiji are you sure you should promise that? Better get that ass of yours ready. Because Shin is going to be hungry, and it won’t be for the cake. I loved the competition and I had a big laugh at how Seiji prepared and what Shin thought he would encounter… well this time Seiji wasn’t doing any glittery half-naked dances, oh no. He had other plans. A very sexy chapter and I had fun reading it.

Chapter 4: OMG, this was a cute chapter! Shin wants to give something to Seiji for his birthday… but what Seiji wants is something Shin doesn’t expect. But I love how he went with it and I love how he asked Seiji’s friends to help… but then there is a second part of the mission. Namely… what size fingers does Seiji have? XD That mission was hilarious and I loved the ending to that, it was so sweet and fitted so well with this couple. Though I am still hoping for a ring. And a wedding. Give me!!

Chapter 5: OMG OMG OMGOMG OMGOMGOMG faints This was just so beautiful. Christmas-evening date with a very wonderful part after that, and I was definitely crying, cheering, YAS-ing, SQUEEING. This is the perfect ending for these guys and I am just so happy. Thank you author! I had such a big laugh though after the sex and how Seiji asked how much x had cost and Shin stuttered that he loved Seiji. XD I loved the little flashbacks and the I love yous.

The bonus chapters were fun, I laughed so hard when they gave Chico that.

All in all, a perfect series. I would highly recommend this one if you want a good adult yaoi manga with consent, good sex scenes, plenty of humour, and sweetness.

Star rating, 5 stars

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