Review for Restart After Coming Back Home

Review for Restart After Coming Back Home

Restart After Coming Back Home (Restart After #1) by Cocomi, Adorable, Sweet, Small-town, Cover Love, Men, LGBT, Road, Romance, Dual POV, Foster, Family, GrandparentsA cute manga about two men, a restart in the village they both live in, and more. Seriousness, a dash of humour, there is flirting, it was just perfect.

I was looking for new German-translated manga to read when I found out about this manga, or well, I saw the second volume. XD Thankfully there is Goodreads and I found that out before I bought it.

In this sweet manga we meet Mitsuomi a guy who keeps being fired and then returns back to his home village. It has been a while since the last time he last was here and we see how he struggles with things. Because people have a certain image of him. Not just because of him being fired and then “running” back home, but also because of his face. We see how he struggles with things, but also see him trying to make amends. With his dad. Try to make him see that he is honest about wanted to take over the business. That he won’t screw this one up. That he is really eager to do something. To not just sit and relax. I instantly took a liking to Mitsuomi. I am sure he had his reasons for getting fired, and I was more than delighted that he helped out people and even wanted to do more than that. I was proud of the guy. And he definitely has help from someone named Yamato, who apparently while he was away was adopted by the old people next door.

I just loved how these two connected. How they instantly had a bond, how they talked (and later also talked about Yamato’s past), how they sought each other out. I loved how Yamato was teasing Mitsuomi at times for things, and I had a giggle at how Mitusomi reacted. It was very endearing. I loved seeing Mitsuomi fall in love. Slowly, but very certainly he got more and more interested in Yamato and I found myself rooting for them. Hoping that they would be able to confess their feelings.

I had a laugh though because Harada knew something was up between Mitsuomi and Yamato. XD

My heart broke though when at the restaurant Mitsuomi mentioned that this love isn’t easy. Not as easy as when the couple is man/woman.

I love love adore and love that at Chapter 4 we got to see things through Yamato’s eyes, and yes he remembers that kiss. Teehee. I loved finding out more about Yamato, about his past. From how he was as a kid, to his first time with his new parents (or I should say grandparents), to high school. I have been curious about the guy. He is always so bouncy and bubbly, but I knew that being a child without parents or at least a child in the foster-system meant he has been through a lot, I wanted to see how he really was. See a different side. I was also delighted that my hunch was correct, he was falling in love with Mitsuomi and I was just squeeing.

And Chapter 5 was wonderful as well because Yamato decides to find out more about his real family, about how he was found in Tokyo and I loved how he dragged Mitsuomi with him. Haha, OK, maybe he should have asked first, but this worked for me. I loved how Mitsuomi was at first WTF, but then when he knew the reason he was there for Yamato and I was just crying when they held hands. Finding comfort in each other. Aww!

And Chapter 6 was just pure perfection. It continues what happened in Chapter 5, but also had the boys talking. Finally a real talk about their feelings. About what was going between them. I was so happy, I was just crying for quite a bit of the chapter because it was just so heartbreaking (about his past) and sweet (the two guys). It was a wonderful ending!

But I am happy that the author added some extras to the volume. One in which grandma Kumai just died and Mitsuomi is back, which was also their first meeting.. though they didn’t know. XD And then a new years celebration which had me grinning and smiling!

The art in this volume was just fantastic! Cocomi has such a wonderful style, not just in backgrounds but also with faces and characters.

All in all, I need the second volume of this one, got to buy it soon! Eep! And I would recommend this one to all. It will make you laugh, cry, you will be shipping these two together, it is perfect for those of us who love small-town stories.

Star rating, 5 stars

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    1. Yeah! It is really sweet and lovely! Yep, manga gets translated in many languages and German is one of them! Which is great for me because English manga is quite expensive at times while German manga is quite cheap (6-9 euro per volume). You’re welcome and thank you for commenting!

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