Review for Teeny Houdini #1: The Disappearing Act

Review for Teeny Houdini #1: The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act (Teeny Houdini #1) by Katrina Moore, Zoe Si , Children's Book, Family, Sister, Grandma, Girl, Dancing, Magic, BunnyA very cute book about a teeny girl who wants to prove she isn’t so teeny!

I have had my eyes on this book for a while but it kept going in and out of stock at Amazon, but finally it was in stock for a long enough time that I could buy it! I will definitely be buying the other books in this series as this was just so cute!

Meet Bessie. The tiniest girl in her class (really, she is so tiny I wondered if she was old enough to be in this class, haha) and she is done with that. When a talent show is announced she decides to go big and show that she is magical! I really liked Bessie. Well, OK, to be honest, at times I found her a tad annoying. Haha. She makes some not so good decisions. Like taking her sister’s favourite blanket and turning it into a cape. Or stuffing food in someone’s slipper because she doesn’t want to eat it. Sometimes she just doesn’t seem to have any ears because listening is hard. But as the book went on I also saw she was trying hard to do her best. To understand what was and wasn’t allowed. She made amends. She said her sorries. And I love that. Plus, given her age, I can forgive her more easily. Kids are just like this. I loved how dedicated she was to finding her talent and to making sure she had everything ready for that talent. I was rooting for her to figure out a wonderful thing to show at the talent show.

I loved reading about Bessie’s family. Meet her grandma who can only speak Chinese, her hardworking parents, her sister who loves to dance (and wants her peace and quiet). I loved Bessie’s bond with her grandmother. Even if they cannot communicate through words, they can talk through hints, pictures, and more. I just adored that. Oh, and some extra points to the cute pet bunny!

There is also a bully, and while I am happy that this book didn’t go the way that so many kids books are going, aka making the bullied feel crap and having the bully be the sad one. I still wish that maybe a teacher or a parent had talked to Margot. I mean, there are several moments that someone should have intervened but didn’t. And that is a shame.

The illustrations are just so fabulous, I love the style, it is both cute and sparkly. I love the way Bess was drawn, with her big poofy tutu.

All in all, a book that was really fun to read and I just flew right through it. Bess may be a tad annoying at times, but you can forgive that.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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