Review for The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio

Review for The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio

The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio by Hayley LeBlanc, Mystery, Friendship, Fame, TV-Show, LA, Hollywood, Girls, Boy, Cat, IllustrationsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD TO HAVE this book! It features many things that I so so love. Like movie sets, a mystery (is it a haunting or not), strange things going bump during scenes and the art (going by the cover) seemed to be WOW and hoped there would be more of it in the book. And after reading… well I can tell you that this is one series I need more of in my life. So much fun to read!

Meet Hayley a girl who is part of a fun TV-show for a while and she is looking forward to the new season and all the fun things she will do! I really liked Hayley from the start. She was fun, strong, brave, and I loved how she could become the character. I can imagine that she is the leader of the trio and she shows that even more later on in the books when things get really spooky and a bit more scary. I loved that even if it gets scary she stays brave and thinks of a plan, involves her friends, and tries all she can to save her show!

Next up with her two friends: Aubrey and Cody! I really liked both of them and I was very much rooting for Cody! That the show would go on, that his future is pretty much secure, and that his moms and his little brother would move over to LA. Because for now one of the moms is in Texas with the little brother whereas the other mom is with Cody. But you can imagine that this is just not working. Everyone is missing everyone. It is not a permanent solution. So I was hoping that Hayley and her friends would be able to save the show!

I loved that we get to see parts of the show. Both in being acted out and also by having Hayley read parts of the script. I also love how the book integrated the mystery at the moment with the mystery in the story and I loved seeing Hayley pick some reference points from there. Things to do. That there are always twists and turns.

The mystery was a delight! Was it really a haunting? Was it something else? As the story went on and things got a bit more creepy I started forming some theories and with those theories came suspects! I don’t want to go in it too deep, but it was great puzzling and figuring out things along with Hayley and her friends. See what was really going on!

I did think that the blurb should be adjusted. The story is about Hayley being part of the show, yes, a Nancy Drew-like show, yes. But she isn’t cast, it isn’t new, it isn’t just starting. Actually, this is the second season of the show and all that is new is where they are shooting the show from. Namely a study near Hollywood instead of a tiny study further away.

I am not sure how I feel about Amelia. Especially in the beginning I just wanted to yeet her off the set and into the Hollywood Hills. A little drama-queen, nosy, and OH LORD that my horoscope this and you are such an ARIIIIESS rolls eyes. She did get better as the story continued and she showed some good sides to herself that she should show more often. I would have rather liked her to be more a background character and not a part of the our trio when the mystery thickens. I think it would have worked for me if she was part in let’s say books 2 or maybe even 3, but right from book 1? While I am still getting a feel on this friendship trio and what makes them tick? Too soon in my eyes.

I absolutely LOVED LOVED the illustrations! They were just fantastic and oh so much fun. I loved how detailed they were.

All in all, this book got quite spooky! I loved the mystery! I would highly recommend this one and I am looking forward to the next book. And yes, I will be adding both books (and whatever comes) to my shelves when they come out!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio

  1. I love a middle-grade mystery and the cover of this one is so enticing! I’m tempted to save this until October for a spooky readathon

    1. I would say wait until reading it for October, it is a perfect mystery for then! I will definitely be waiting for book 2 which should come out in October.

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