Review for The Official Horizon Zero Dawn Coloring Book

Review for The Official Horizon Zero Dawn Coloring Book

The Official Horizon Zero Dawn Coloring Book by Titan Comics (Editor), Ann Maulina , Horizon Zero Dawn, Game, Colouring, Girl, WeaponI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

While I don’t play Horizon Zero Dawn, I do love everything surrounding it. The characters, I look forward to new designs and seeing fan-art of beasts and humans, I love seeing people play it. So when I saw this book containing art from the game? I needed it!

This book contains a lot of fun art from action scenes to beautiful sceneries and lovely character designs. I had fun flipping through the pages. Yes, I didn’t go and colour it, I would have liked it, but I just have basic printer paper and that is not the best to draw/colour on, and two, I don’t have any pencils or whatsoever because I went on a cleaning spree and got rid of them because they were old and not working.. and I just haven’t had time to buy some new stuff.

I loved that the book managed to tell a story. It was a tad hard to follow, haha, but I could get the gist and I love it. I loved seeing the battles, seeing the beasts, seeing the different people around the world. See them discover new places. It was tons of fun!

While I loved most of the illustrations that were in the book, I feel that some could benefit from a tad clearer lines. Sometimes the lines are a bit unclear or it feels more like a sketch than a proper colouring page or there are movements that make things a bit difficult. And those three on pages 39/78/79 (of my copy) was just way too detailed. I mean, the rest of the book was all simplified (for most) and then BOOM, super mega detailed. I feel like they should have kept one level of colouring. Make it good for both young and old.

All in all, I am happy I got the chance to read this book and I would like to add it to my shelves (and get those pencils/markers). I would recommend this one to everyone who is a fan of the game.

Star rating, 4 stars

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