Review for The World’s Most Ridiculous Animals

Review for The World’s Most Ridiculous Animals

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was totally over the moon when I spotted that Philip Bunting had a new book about animals out! Last time it was about Pointless Animals (or are they?). This time ridiculous animals! I was hyped to see what kind of ridiculous animals we would be reading about. I was curious if I was going to be laughing as much as I did with his last book.

I loved the collection of animals that made up this book! We have a collection of 55 animals. Anything from birds to spiders to fish to anything else. There were plenty that I recognised when I looked at the content field.. however there were a few that I didn’t know or didn’t know based on the English name, haha. So I learned some new animals and I love it. Like the adorable Sea Sheep, which isn’t really a sheep, but still very cute. Or the  not so cute, but still awesome zombie snail. Also wtf to the Mexican Mole Lizard, what is that nature, what is that? Plus, I am happy to see some of my favourite babies pop up in the book, like my baby Gobi Jerboa (appropriate renamed to Jerboa Goboingi).

Just like the last time we don’t just get boring things about the animals, oh no, we get some really fun things! Again, we get a picture of the animal, but not the boring stuff. Like with the maned wolf (longus leggus lupus is indeed a better Latin name) they have next to their ears the text: “How’s the weather up there?”. Or at their feet: “Nice socks.”. I had such a laugh at the peafowl whose text included: “Every day’s Mardi Gras for this guy.” I am delighted that the author went for the humour again and made learning about these ridiculous animals fun and interesting. You just want to see what makes up these animals. I also love that he fixed the Latin names to some funnier ones. Here are a couple of my favourites: Markhor (Pongus Goatus), Bee hummingbird (Nectar Vampirus Teenyweenius), Green Basilisk Lizard (Slpishae Sploshea Itsamiraculae), Flamingo (Shrimpus Addictus), Frill-Neck Lizard (Draco Hissyfitium, which just reminds me of a certain character in HP XD), Lowland streaked tenrec (Sonic Notahedgehogium), Velvet Worm (Blastus Fromthe Pastus).

There are also tons of puns and jokes next to the things I mentioned. Like this one: “Decorator crabs don’t like to share their ornaments. They are a little shellfish.” or with the hummingbird: “The size of a bee! Sounds like a bee! It is… not a bee.”

Like the previous book the art was just fabulous and I really enjoyed them! It really fitted with the theme of the book on how they were drawn. Still very recognisable but also silly/ridiculous.

Another book by Philip Bunting that I just got to give 5+ stars! And another one I desperately need for my own collection at home! I would highly recommend this book if you like animals + humour!

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