Review for Walkies!

Review for Walkies!

Walkies! by David Ziggy Greene, Dogs, Humour, Children's Book, Silly, Walkies, Cute,A superduper fun and hilarious book about all sorts of doggies on their walk!

I don’t have a dog myself, however I still very much want one. Now to get over that OMG DOGGO anxiety that I get when we have to make the big decision, argh. So to quell my anxiety I have decided to get ALL the doggo books, or at least many of them, and read them all! Drown my mind with doggies. XD I couldn’t resist this adorable book. Again, no dogs of my own, but I know people with dogs and I have seen enough dogs on my own walks to know there are certain kind of dogs.

In this book we meet several dogs from very small to big from calm to OMG did you know we are doing walkies?? I loved how we got to see all these dogs. We see them do their thing, meet a new dog, and that new dog is our next doggo to follow. If that makes sense, haha, I am trying to write this in June and I am very tired at the moment. Each dog is doing something during their walk. I had such a laugh at the one with the BIG BIG stick, oh my! Or the one who loved making puzzles much to the frustration of her owner (good luck with getting her unpuzzled). I really loved seeing the dogs have the biggest time of their life. And I can tell you I have seen all these kinds of dogs. And I am now wondering what kind of dog mine would be. I am kind of hoping the big stick one or the one going for all the pets and cuddles. That would be so sweet (and funny).

I just LOVED how we started and ended with the same dog! First up is Rosie who is absolutely bonkers about WALKIES and it ends with Rosie and how she is going to prepare for the next WALKIES.

The illustrations were just so on point and I love love love their style. The dogs are adorable, I love their big noses and cute little eyes. I just wanted to step in all the time to hug and pet them (which I am sure Oliver would LOVE).

All in all, a wonderful book for dog-lovers and dog-owners. This book will make you laugh, will bring joy. And will have you nodding along even if you don’t have a dog.

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