Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 4

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 4

Zombie 100 - Bucket List of the Dead 4 (Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead #4) by Haro Aso, Kōtarō Takata, Zombies, Horror, Humour, Roadtrip, Bucketlist, Friendship, Green, OnsenThe fourth volume, a new ally appears, sushi is eaten, an onsen is found, and more!

When I was buying some new German manga I decided to also buy the 4th volume of this series. I just needed to know how it would continue, what kind of bucket list items would be crossed off, and more. Plus, I spied a new character and wanted to get to meet them!

In this volume our group is still on the way to Akira’s hometown when they come across a new girl, Beatrix (Full name Beatrix Amerhauser). A girl from Germany who is absolutely the biggest fan of Japan ever. She even knows more than our group at times which just had me chuckling. I really loved the girl from the moment we meet her. Hello? A girl who loves Japan? Kicks zombie butt with a samurai outfit? Sign me up! I had a laugh at what her plan was, though I guess food is good motivator. XD As the volume continued she turned out to be a fantastic addition to the crew, she fitted right with the group, and I just loved her enthusiasm for everything. How she kept fighting and how she was just squeeing in delight seeing all the sights (though sometimes maybe not at the right time…).

Of course there are also scary moments with zombies lurking in corners and streets and even in onsens (noooooo). And the zombies are terrifying and I am scared for our group of friends. Will they get through this? I just love how the author is able to balance the seriousness of zombies and the end of the world with silly situations and a bucketlist with often hilarious items. It just fits so well + I would have done the same in this situation. Make the best of it. Make the most of it. If you die at least you had a fun time, did something that you liked.

I loved seeing what kind of bucketlist items were checked off this time! From going to a strip club (which had me in stitches) to doing yoga on a sup board (why) to building treehouses (and dodging zombieboars), all sorts of things get checked of from the list and I was delighted for Akira. I hope that he can get his list completed, though I worry what would be next then. Will he add new things to his list? I do hope so, that would be fun!

It was nice that the author gave us some Shizuka and Akira moments, that one in the onsen was just perfection. I am still shipping these two together and hope that eventually they may get together.

It was great to see Akira’s hometown, see his family. I was very worried these past 3.5 volumes. Would Akira find his family? Or would they have been eaten? I was just constantly hoping that he would make it and they would be alive.

I am sorry Kenichirou, why are you constantly going butt-naked. XD Do you want to talk about it? Though it does bring some comedic relief seeing him just run around naked while zombies chase him.

The ending, OH NO, you cannot end the volume like that! You can’t do that to me. Argggghh! Guess as soon as the end of the month nears (writing this one 9 June) I will be getting the next and the next volume just to make sure. XD

All in all, this volume made me laugh, cheer for our group, scream at the zombies, be terrified of the zombies and I while I wouldn’t want to be with the group and the zombies, I kind of wish I could follow them on their journey. I would highly recommend this series to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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