Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 10-7-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 10-7-2022

Good day all!

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Welcome all! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! dances

This was a pretty OK week! OK, I was tired and my throat hurt (along with an headache) so at one point I decided it was high time to do a COVID test, thankfully no COVID, just my body not being happy. XD But other than that, I visited Library #4, did some small shopping for things I wanted/needed, did gardening, baked a ton of yummy things, a friend popped by yesterday for beer and Men vs Bee (which was a pretty OK show), walked (and played Pokemon Go), enjoyed the weather. And of course your day to day stuff not worth mentioning. XD
Reading-wise also a pretty OK week. I have to spread out my reading a bit more, or try, haha, because I going to Library #2/#3 a week later than normal due to that everything needs to align for the vacation in August. But you know how that goes, in the end the books call too loud.

What did I read from my TBR this week? The Book of Grudge (so fun and I just loved seeing Spot once), Heartstopper (fantastic as always), De inbraak (pretty fun and I love we finally get some deets on the characters), Astro Storm (wow, 2 annoying characters for the price of one, thankfully the story was good otherwise it would have been a DNF), Hoe ging dat ook alweer? (hilarious and fun spin on the fairytales we know, I laughed so much and loved the references).

I tried but sadly DNF-ed: Spanje (yawn), Onverwacht (started off nice with a personal story but then you had 100 pages of dry-ish non-fiction, I think it would have worked better if they had mixed it up), Kriskras door formule 1 (yawn), De kerstborrel (not reading anything by this author, her writing style is just not clicking).

And here is a new stack! Don’t read to fast Mehsi, you still have about 2 weeks before you can go to the library. XD But I am excited about the books on this pile. I do hope to read one or so of the books that are my own.

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Thank you all for reading my newest Sunday’s TBR Updates!! Wish me luck (both with reading and not reading) and let me know in the comments what books look good to you + what your reading plans are for this upcoming week (I am always curious). I hope everyone has a great Sunday + a great week, stay safe!

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