Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 17-7-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 17-7-2022

Hi all!!!

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Welcome all to a new sunny Sunday’s TBR Updates!! It is Sunday again (where did the week go?).

This was a pretty good week! Quite warm (though nothing like what is coming next week), but doable. It was a busy week but I still did some fun things! Like gardening (got new plants, two for the outside terrace table, one for the balcony, and one for the garden). Finished watching Denno Coil on Netflix (it was OK). Visited Library #4.
Reading-wise also a good week! Had fun reading library books, read an ARC that had a blog tour coming up in 8 days, finished a few books on Netgalley.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Waar is Dagobert? (super fun, but please don’t put stuff I need to search in the middle..), Club Donald Duck (loved it, so many dimensions and Ducks), Duisternis (not too scary but still oodles of fun reading), Magische Bieb (sooo cute, loved that we got another POV in this one), Floor Breekt Door (just as funny as the first time I read it), Kraaloog (OK), Een week bij jou (cute, loved getting two POVs and see one conquer her fears), Afstandsmoeders (hard to read (due to abuse, people and their treatment to this women/girls, and how the pregnancies went) but also very interesting), Nik en luun (just read the first book of this, it was OK), Travis Montgomery (haha, this was funny and I love how it was a diary).

I tried but sadly DNF-ed: De soortenjager (it just got a bit samey and boring).

Here is a new stack! 1 new library book (from Library #4), some older library books (that I really need to read), 3 older owned books and 2 new ones! Smaller stack, but this is all I have at the moment. Well, OK, I still have books on my Kindle and several books owned.. but those are all for my vacation in August!

Here we are at the end again! Thank you all for reading and I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday and week, be safe and stay hydrated (I will probably be hiding somewhere in the dark on Monday/Tuesday with the temperatures going up to 40 C). Let me know in the comments what your reading plans are + what books look good on my stack!

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