Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-7-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-7-2022

Afternoon everyone~~!

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A OMG it is still hot here Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!!

This was a pretty OK week. Had to take it a bit easier as last week was just a lot, and for most I managed that. Haha. Sorry, I am just not made for sitting still. XD I visited 2 libraries (#1 and #4), cleaned up the shed and still need to clean more but Avalex (the place to bring your bigger/not so good trash) is open at some stupid times so we still have plenty of stuff in the shed, I baked. Yesterday we visited a colleague/friend of my hubby and had a BBQ with some other colleague/friends/family (of course all at safe distance and self-tested and all that).
Reading-wise a pretty good week! Had fun reading the Hero Academia books (up to 6 now) and had some fun checking out some stuff on my Kindle next to my TBR pile.

What did I read from my TBR this week? My Hero Academia #3/#4 (and also #6, haha) (so much fun!), Applaus voor mijn vinger (this was great, loved the poems very creative), Feest op school (so cute), Homo deliveroo (interesting, but at times also boring, I just wanted it to be 100% deliveries), Een taart voor Suske (aww, so sweet), Neem altijd een mop mee (laughed so much, though I wish it was all jokes), Isabella en de tandenfee (a bit preachy but still fun and magical), Ben jij een goede ridder (interesting and I love the format), Praten met je huisdier (loved it, so much diversity in the animals and tons of fun images), Uit liefde nagelaten (started slow but loved it in the end).

I tried but sadly DNF-ed: Extraordinaries (the MC was just SO annoying, plus some other stuff), Een heerlijke verrassing (yawn), Portret van prinses Beatrix (yawn).

And here is a new stack! With new books from myself, some new books from the library, and some books for last week’s library haul. As you see some of the books I have myself (the ones on top) disappeared, they are now on the vacation TBR stack. I want to have plenty of books in August!

Thanks for reading! I just love writing these posts and showing you all what kind of stuff I am reading this week! Let me know in the comments what looks good + what your plans are! Have a fantastic day and week, stay safe!

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