Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-7-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 31-7-2022


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Welcome all! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! The last normal one, next week I will be picking books from my vacation TBR! Eep!

This was a pretty OK-ish week. Not sure what is up with my body, but I think heat + stress + lots of things to do is not doing it well. I have been lying on bed most of the afternoons. 🙁 I really could use that vacation (just one more week, just one more week). Nothing special happened this week, just your daily things added with packing bags and such. XD

What did I read from my TBR this week? Biggetje Bor (this was so adorable), George gaat los (the dog was a tad to pretentious but I did like the story), Vaderland (OK), Er zijn geen torens meer (wipes away tears, this was lovely), Haas gaat undercover (Ok…..), Mama is profvoetballer (fun, though the mystery stuff could just have been left out), Ik win nooit iets (silly), Heartstopper (swoons).

I tried but sadly DNF-ed: Catfish Blues (it was just so boring plus, I dislike how the MC just assumed his love interest was straight, hello BI? PAN? Not knowing he may be gay?), Trapezista (so very weird), Dichter Geluk (yawn).

Here are new books! I am so happy I went to the library last week because, haha, otherwise I would have to live on manga from my Humble Bundle. XD Not bad, and I will probably read a few, though which one, isekai or m/m?? Mmmmm (let me know in the comments). But I am happy I also got some normal books to read! Plus, two new comics! Whoo!

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Thank you all for reading and look forward to next week when I will show my Vacation TBR in a post and then on Sunday will pick a TBR from those books! Let me know in the comments which books from the stack today look good + which manga I should read. And of course, I am also curious about what you all are reading/going to read! Tell me! I hope everyone has a good weekend/week, stay safe, stay hydrated!

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