Swag Haul ~ The Mysterious Locker Notes by Kelly Swan Taylor

Swag Haul ~ The Mysterious Locker Notes by Kelly Swan Taylor

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a new Swag Haul! Today I am presenting you with the amazing swag I got from Kelly Swan Taylor!

Phew, it’s been a while since I have gotten swag. Well, at least for my English blog. A few months ago I got a review copy + some cool swag from a Dutch author/publisher. But this swag I am showing here is the first in years, so I just need to let you all see it! I absolutely LOVE the things I have gotten! Plus, I love that it also includes swag for her previous book: The Winning Ingredient (which I also loved).

A big big thanks to the author for sending me swag + also allowing me to read the book as an ebook.

Inserting a little promo here, but I really enjoyed the book and I would definitely recommend you check out this book, it was awesome, and I am not saying that because I got some awesome swag or got the book for free. Oh no, I am saying that because the book was really fun to read! Read my review here. Expect sports, family, great characters, a dash of mystery.

Let’s get to showing you what I got (not shown are the two promo items for the publisher)~

First up I will be showing you The Mysterious Locker Notes swag!

First up the gang of the book! The friends Riley, Skylar, Leah, and our MC Tessa! I really love these bookmarks, love seeing the character and see what they like along with some hints to other things (like Tessa investigating a note while on the track).
Next up a sticker, another bookmark this time of the girls treehouse (located at Tessa’s house) and a postcard featuring the cover of the book.

On the back the postcard has a sweet message along with an autograph! Eep! So excited!

And lastly two bookmarks (pick your team) along with a postcard featuring the cover of the book. I am so delighted to have these three items, again, I really enjoyed the book!

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