Waiting on Wednesday ~ Stinetinglers by R.L. Stine

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Stinetinglers by R.L. Stine

Evening all!

A spooooookyyyy welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday (where is the week going?)! Today I am eagerly waiting for the newest R.L. Stine release: Stinetinglers!

I just love R.L. Stine’s books and I was totally hyped to see a new collection of spooky stories coming out! Perfect on time for the spooky month of October. OK, I will have to wait a month before I can read it, but I am sure with how Amazon is lately that I won’t be able to get it soon anyway. XD

This book just looks so awesome. That cover is just perfect for R.L. Stine and I love that we get 10 new stories. Not sure about the bug story, I hate bugs. Or well, I can tolerate them. Some of them. Haha. Not all. The hole story sounds totally awesome and reminds me of another story about a creepy hole. I also love that each story will be introduced by Stine himself and I cannot wait to read those. I love it when authors give a personal introduction to a story. Eep!

Now it is just waiting for the book to come out. can’t wait

From New York Times bestselling author R.L. Stine, the master of horror for young readers, comes ten new stories that are sure to leave you shivering.

A boy who hates bugs starts to see them everywhere. A basketball player’s skin starts to almost drip off his hands―but no one else can see it. Three friends find a hole in the ground that just gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger… And each story is introduced by Stine himself, providing a personal touch sure to delight fans.

Laced with Stine’s signature humor and a hefty dose of nightmarish fun, Stinetinglers is perfect for fans of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Stine’s own Goosebumps books. These chilling tales prove that Stine’s epic legacy in the horror genre is justly earned. Dive in, and beware: you might be sleeping with the lights on tonight!

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