Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor by Mark E. Drotos

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor by Mark E. Drotos

Evening everyone~

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! I hope you all have a great Wednesday, mine is pretty good~

Today’s book I am eagerly looking forward to (and thankfully don’t have to wait too long for well, unless Amazon fucks things up) is The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor by Mark E. Drotos! I just love a good book about hauntings and scary things happening in mansions. And this one isn’t just spooky or scary, but also has a haunted house/haunting that will mean that people have to really survive the night. Oh yes. Some extra danger to the whole thing. I am curious about the legend, about what happened in the house/surrounding area, and if I will like the characters that we will meet!

The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor by Mark E. Drotos, Horror, Ghosts, Spooky, Scary, HauntedEvery town has a mystery.

The Crimshaw family were once the caretakers of the prestigious Strathmore Estate. After the great blizzard of 1868, the townspeople found Elizabeth Crimshaw’s body hanging from the banister. Her young son and husband were declared missing and never found.

Every town has a legend.

The locals say they have seen Elizabeth’s ghost and that the manor is haunted. Others claim to have heard a woman’s scream and have witnessed strange lights and shadow people.

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

What really happened to the promising Crimshaw family? Are the rumors surrounding the family true? Intent on investigating these claims, Stephen Davenport, adjunct professor of Paranormal Studies at Strathmore University, along with students from the school’s paranormal investigations club begin a weekend investigation.

What they find confirms their beliefs in the paranormal—and challenges them to simply stay alive.

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