What I Hope To Read August 2022

What I Hope To Read August 2022


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Welcome welcome, a warm welcome to a new What I hope to read post! Say hi to all the books I hope to read in August 2022. Or well. Won’t be reading them until September as I will be on vacation in August and I am not ordering books then. XD

July was a pretty OK month! Some fun events. Planning for the vacation and getting things packed up. Buying some extra things for the vacation. Gardening. Tons of baking yummy foods. Trying not to get sick (and being happy it isn’t COVID).

Did I read anything from July? Well, actually. No. But I got a good reason for that. Or reasons. 1) is the standard Amazon didn’t have them. And this time I also have an extra bonus excuse, I was trying to save books for my three week vacation. This girl needs things to read! I cannot survive 3 weeks without books. So several of the books are on my stack for my vacation. Waiting patiently for me to read them. Well, hopefully patiently. XD

For August I got a few books to look forward to, including some exciting Dutch books! Eep!

No pre-orders. Come on Amazon fix your stuff!

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Banned Books: The World's Most Controversial Books, Past and Present by D.K. Publishing, Banned Books, Non-FictionHarley Quinn: The Animated Series, Vol. 1: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour (Harley Quinn: The Animated Series #1-6) by Tee Franklin, Max Sarin, Humour, DC, Graphic Novel, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, LGBT, Romance, RoadtripFright Watch, The Collectors, Book 2, Lorien Lawrence, Children's Books, Horror, Scary, Mystery, Ghosts, Graveyard, TreeThe Girls Are Never Gone, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Hand, Horror, Paranormal, LGBT, Ghosts

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