Library Haul 13-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 13-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Hi all!

Welcome all to a new Library Vacation time book haul! So many books!

Yesterday we visited the big library in the city! It was time for Pokemon Go + I wanted to shop (I so so needed a dress for my sister in law’s wedding at the end of September and didn’t want to buy online + I saw some cute socks I wanted). Yes, it was hot as hell outside, 33 Celcius I believe. PHEW. But I wanted to go. (Also dress found, YASSSS!!!!)

First we walked around a bit, then visited the library the first time. The first time Mehsi? Yes, the children’s department closes at 5pm (though last year they were already closing up around 4pm….) so we visited that one in between things so I could get some books there. Found quite some fun books there, English and Dutch! Including some sequels/books in series. So excited!

Then it was walking and shopping again and then browsing the rest of the library (as that one closes around 10pm). My hubby just sat himself down somewhere with our bags and I went searching for some great books. I had so much fun, though the escalators of doom weren’t that fun. XD My fear of heights kicked in full gear.

I found a whole lot of fun books while browsing and found a whole pile of books, including some great graphic novels! Squee! I cannot wait to get reading. Haha, well, I got plenty of time today because I so need a day of just not doing anything (thankful for the picnic blanket as the tent is a sauna then I can also just sleep).

No book list again, writing this one at almost 10pm, we just got home and I wanted to get this post up.

STATS: 18 books. 7 GN, 1 non-fiction, 10 fiction.

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