Mehsi’s Vacation Time 2022 Blog Schedule Time~

Mehsi’s Vacation Time 2022 Blog Schedule Time~

Morning all!

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Welcome to my Vacation Blog Schedule! It is time for my yearly 3-week-camping-and-doing-fun-things-but-also-read/relax-time!

I will be going on vacation from 7th of August (TODAY!!) until the 28-29th of August! Three weeks of relaxing and having a great time. Reading, going to fun places (well, if Corona doesn’t spoil anything), sleeping, swimming, and more! I am so eager for it, because BOY I could use some free time. A few weeks of doing nothing. Or well, as little as possible, haha.


Everyone who has been reading my blog and my Twitter knows my mental health hasn’t been the best for a while. Too much has been happening since 2020 and the last 8 months also haven’t been the easiest with my grandparents dying and two of my dwarf hamsters. So this vacation? VERY MUCH NEEDED. I need to relax. Read. Sleep. Play Games. Sleep some more. Do some fun things.

But NO worries, I got some very fun reviews and tours planned along with maybe a Top 5 Tuesday or another meme post here and there, and just like each year, you can expect Vacation Library Hauls and maybe a few other posts (sometimes I just cannot resist when I get asked to be part of a tour or blitz).

NOTE: These are the times I post my blog posts in the vacation. If there are two posts: 11 am CEST and 4.30 pm CEST. There are also a few days with three posts because I just cannot resist participating in Blog Tours and the likes, in which case 11 am CEST, 3 pm CEST, and 7pm CEST. XD Check Time and Date site to see what this translates to in regards to your timezone. I will also be promoting my posts on Twitter.


August 7th

*Sunday’s TBR Updates (VACATION EDITION)
*Six for Sunday (Books and the seaside)

August 8th

*Cover Reveal for Franklin U Series: Making Waves by Christina Lee
*ARC Review for Brand-new Bubbe ★★★★ stars

August 9th

*Kickstarter Blog Tour for Alien Bride Lottery, Vol.1 by Margo Bond Collins (giveaway)
*Library Vacation Edition Haul
*Top 5 Tuesday (Crowns)

August 10th

*Spell the Month in Books August
*Review for Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star ★★★★1/2 stars

August 11th

*Blog Tour for These Fleeting Shadows by Kate Alice Marshall (Spotlight)
*Blog Tour for Higher by Roz Alexander (Excerpt)

August 12th

*Review for Climb a Giraffe ★★★★ stars
*Friday Face Off (Blue Cover)

August 13th

*Review for I Guess I Became the Mother of the Great Demon King’s 10 Children in Another World, Vol.1 ★★★★ stars
*Review for Only in California ★★★★1/2 stars

August 14th

*Sunday’s TBR Updates (Vacation Edition)
*Library Haul (Vacation Edition)

August 15th

*Blog Tour for With Fire in Their Blood by Kate Delacorte (spotlight)
*Cover Reveal for Franklin U Series: Football Royalty
*ARC Review for Never Brush a Bear ★★★★★ stars

August 16th

*Top 5 Tuesday (Swords)
*Book Blitz for A Heartbeat Away From You by Ann M. Miller
*Release Day Blitz for Unexpected Outcomes by Kimberly Mullins

August 17th

*Waiting on Wednesday (Timberdark by Darren Charlton)
*ARC Review for Big Nate: Destined for Awesomeness ★★★ stars

August 18th

*Review for Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy ★★★ stars
*Blog Tour for The Close-Up by Kennedy Ryan (excerpt)
*Review Julia and the Shark ★★★1/2 stars

August 19th

*Review for Horror Hotel ★★★★ stars
*Release Day Tour for Change His Tune by Ariella Zoelle
*Friday Face Off (Scantily Dressed)

August 20th

*Bookish Summer (Islands)
*ARC Review for Sumo Colors ★★★★1/2 stars
*Cover Reveal for Deflected Hearts by Cali Melle

August 21st

*ARC Review for Sumo Shapes ★★★★1/2 stars
*Sunday’s TBR Updates (Vacation Edition)
*Review for So You Want to be a Knight? ★★★★ stars

August 22nd

*Goodreads Monday (featuring When Other People Saw Us, They Saw the Dead)
*ARC Review for All the Families in my Town ★★★★★ stars

August 23rd

*ARC Review for Space Trash, Vol.1 ★★★★1/2
*Release Day Blitz for My Fake Fiancé by Piper Rayne
*Top 5 Tuesday (Shields)

August 24th

*ARC Review for Gallows Hill ★★★★1/2 stars
*Release Day Blitz for Macconwood Pack series by C.D. Gorri

August 25th

*What I hope to Read September 2022
*Review for Blueblood ★★★★1/2 stars

August 26th

*Release Day Blitz for Real Hazard by Elle Keaton
*Review for Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge ★★★★1/2 stars

August 27th

*Review for Gaston ★★★★★ stars
*ARC Review for Shoo ★★★★1/2 stars

August 28th

*Sunday’s TBR Updates (Normal Edition)
*ARC Review for Funniest Illustrated Jokes for Kids!
*Six for Sunday (Author’s You’ll Always Pick Up)

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