Review for Blueblood

Review for Blueblood

Blueblood by Malorie Blackman , Retelling, Bluebeard, Fairy Tale, Marriage, Wedding, Dark, Murder, GruesomeRemember the Bluebeard fairy tale? Well this is all that with a spin and even a big twist!

I was absolutely excited when I spotted this book over at Library #1. I just love retellings of fairy tales and I was excited to see something other than the same number, aka Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid, Rumpelstiltskin, you know the BIG ones. I quite liked the original story, yes, it was gruesome, but that is what fairy tales, the real ones, are. I was curious how this author had changed the story and also what would happen in the end.

In this book we get to meet Nia, a girl who has had a lot of husbands.. who just keep disappearing. She has a new man now, Marcus. Who is pretty OK, but we soon see that he is really possessive, like SUPER possessive. And also very curious. Because Nia has one rule. Just like Bluebeard had in the original. You cannot enter 1 room in the entire house. You cannot go there. You have a room for yourself. Nia has one for her. For Nia that is the cellar. She does her jewellery work there.. but given I knew the original I knew what else might be hiding there. I was very curious throughout the story if Marcus would keep up with not going there.. or if he would fall for it. I have to be honest, at one point in the story I kind of wished he would just go there because the man was aggravating. I mean, I get it, you want to spend plenty of time with your girl. But your girl has a life and work beside you. You cannot control all elements.

The later part of the book in which Nia goes to travel and Marcus gets very very curious? I will have to put it behind spoiler tags because I do need to talk about it. So in a way the story follows the Bluebeard fairy tale further, a secret room. However not much blood, instead there are pieces. Pieces of the past husbands. And then we get to learn all about Nia and what happened to her husbands and why she is doing this. It reminded me a bit of Death Note, just without the notebook, haha. But she is out for revenge. Trying to help women. Because her first husband was an abusive prick. Then when I thought things couldn’t get more OMG, we find out something about Nia and I was just WOWed, that was an amazing addition by the author and it was just perfect. So not just a retelling but something more. Oh yes.

This book was thankfully located at the YA section of my library. I am happy with that as I have seen on Goodreads that it has been tagged as Children’s. This is definitely NOT a children’s book. Too many words for one. Very mature for two.

I am a bit disappointed in the illustrations. I had hoped just a bit more than silhouettes/shadow play.

All in all, I flew through this amazing book and I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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