Review for Brand-New Bubbe

Review for Brand-New Bubbe

rand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson , Ariel Landy, Cute, Grandparents, Family, Cat, Dog, Picture Book, Children's BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this book when I spotted it on NG! I mean, that cover is just so sweet and I wanted to know the story behind it.

In this book we meet Jillian who has recently gotten a new and nice stepdad, but you know what comes with that as well? A grandmother! She calls herself Bubbe and she is more than eager to make friends with Jillian. Jillian however isn’t in the mood, and I could also understand. It must have been strange already to have a new father, but to also get a grandmother, especially when one has two fantastic grandmothers!

I had a laugh at her plan, yes, it was mean, but again I could understand from where she was coming from. I am glad though that it didn’t deter Bubbe and that Jillian’s mom even had a chat with Jillian. I was already wondering if that would happen or if this one would just magically leave such important chats out as do some children’s books about this theme.

I am so happy with the ending and I was surprised to even see a great-grandmother there! That is so amazing, I wish I could have met my great-grandmother! I just loved Jillian’s idea and I was so proud that she dared to take that step. That she went for it! Plus, there is a fun surprise in the last picture that just made me smile!

The art was really fun, I love the style and the colours. It fits really well with this story and I definitely have to see if I can find more art by this illustrator!

Extra points to the recipes at the end! That really completed the book for me! Plus, I love the extra resources, and oh yes, that final picture was just the cutest. Congrats!!!

All in all, a very sweet book about family and that you aren’t replacing people, you are just adding them to your family. There is always room for more family! Recommended!

Star rating, 4 stars

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