Review for Climb a Giraffe

Review for Climb a Giraffe

Climb a Giraffe by Adam Ciccio , Yuke Li, Imagination, Peacock, Giraffe, Cute, Picture Book, Mars, Space, Children's Book“I want to dance with a peacock. She can teach me to fly!” A fun imaginative read!

I spotted this one at one of my libraries and was interested in the title and the cover, I just had to bring this one home to read. And I am glad I did because this was tons of fun.

In this one we meet a little boy who is done with the rules, and I understood that very well. I am not a child anymore, but I still remember those days. Remember all the rules and things you should and shouldn’t do and how boring that was. Because you just want to do something fun! Without constantly hearing that you cannot do x or y. The kid decides to have a big old imagination festival and dreams about climbing a giraffe, dancing with peacocks, going to Mars. I loved how the book at first goes for bleh rules and let me have my adventures, but then the little boy also realises that rules are at times handy. I mean, you do get tired, so going to bed? No problem. Though first he got to build that house on Mars, haha.

I loved the ending and especially what the little boy is carrying, that was such a nice extra.

The art by Yuke Li is just so fantastic! I really love the style and love how they drew characters and animals. They made the imagination of the kid come to life.

All in all, a very lovely imaginative book about rules, fantasizing about fun things, and more!

Star rating, 4 stars

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