Review for Gaston

Review for Gaston

Gaston (Gaston and Friends) by Kelly DiPucchio, Christian Robinson, Dog, Family, Cute, Picture Book, Chair, Bulldog, PoodleA sweet book about family and finding where you belong!

I read this really fun and adorable book in Dutch but just HAD to write a review in English because that is the original language + I need more people to know about this one!

In this one we meet a cute adorable bulldog named Gaston, he is living with his mom and three sisters (who all have adorable names, Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, and Ooh-La-La). That sounds cute right? Well, actually Gaston is a bulldog and the rest of the family are poodles. Yep. Either mom managed some magical feat, or there has been a mix-up. But despite being different from his family, Gaston tries and I just wanted to hug him for being so sweet and amazing and trying his best. Not slobbering like most dogs would do. Not stomping or ripping things. But elegance! Which haha, reminds me of SpyxFamily and that headmaster/teacher dude. I loved reading about this family and I love how close they are!

And then comes the thing mentioned in the blurb, which I didn’t read so it came as a surprise to me. On a day in the park they meet another family. A family of bulldogs. With one poodle. Yep. I wonder how the families were mixed up. I mean, with human babies that isn’t hard to do, but from the start it is clear that a bulldog isn’t the same as a poodle. XD Still I liked it and I was totally invested in the decision that the families, and then especially Gaston and Antoinette took. I was curious what would happen next. I won’t spoil it, but I did feel for both these two poodles. Both raised in a different way. With the right family. But is the right family really the right one?

The ending had me smiling, that was just perfect and I am happy that this was the end decision. And then came the last pages and I was just awwing and YES because that is absolutely wonderful that the author went for this one!

The illustrations were fantastic. The dogs were adorably done, but I also loved the backgrounds and other details. Such a sweet style and I need more!

Also I just found out there is also a book from Antoinette’s POV and I need it! Hopefully it gets translated in Dutch sometime. crosses fingers

All in all, a wonderful book about dogs, families, and belonging! Highly recommended.

Star rating, 5 stars

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