Review for Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star

Review for Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star

Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star (Isadora Moon #14) by Harriet Muncaster, Sci-fi, Space, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Book, Isadora MoonIsadora is here again! This time space! New friends! Cuteness!

I was so excited about the newest book! I mean that cover is just so pretty and I love that it is black instead of the normal white. And I just adored the glitter and the sparkles. Also it was going to be about space, and I love that!

In this one it is time for Isadora’s class to do a project. Something to do with space and I just loved how everyone had ideas already and that the teacher was OK with any project. I felt for Isadora, could understand that she wanted to think of something.. but didn’t want to copy her friends! But I knew she would figure something out, and I had a suspicion it may have to do with the new friend she is going to make!

Meet Nova! A Glow Sprite from space who is looking for her Moon Kitty named Pluto (yes, so cute to see it used as a cat’s name instead of the standard dog’s name). I just love how the girls instantly bond and how Isadora’s parents take her under their wing and help her find Pluto. It was just so sweet, though I had a laugh at how the dad was a bit grumbling, especially when a camping trip was deemed necessary. Haha, that guy really doesn’t like going for nature. XD
Nova herself was a really fun character and I love learning more about her! I loved that she found that humans weren’t all too bad, I hope that Nova returns in next adventures and maybe makes more friends on Earth, that would be so sweet!

I had a bit of a laugh that the woman who was holding a presentation on space was called Astrid Luna. Now I wonder, is that her real name? Or did she think it was fun to just make it more fitting with what she does?

The illustrations were wonderful once again! Nova and Pluto’s designs were just perfection. So cute!

Just like all the Isadora books there are tons of fun activities in the back! From making s’mores to starry salt dough garland to a night light!

And there is even a preview for the next book! In which Isadora will meet the Tooth Fairy! I cannot wait for that one~ Maybe by the time this review comes up one of my libraries will have added it (it is a possibility given I am writing this in May).

All in all, a delightful sparkly book about space, about projects, about friendship, and more! I had so much fun reading it!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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