Review for Never Brush a Bear

Review for Never Brush a Bear

Never Brush a Bear by Sam Hearn, Humour, Bear, Boy, Dreams, Animals, Children's Book, GroomingI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to read this book. A book about a boy who loves to brush hair, who loves to pamper pets and who is very awesome at it. But what happens when the kid wants to brush a bear? Is that a good idea? I just had to find out!

Meet Herschel a boy who loves pampering pets and who has great dreams of awards and to coiffuring all sorts of animals. Yep, here is a boy who doesn’t just want to do the normal pets, oh no, he wants to do it all! But most of all he wants to do a big BIG bear! As you can imagine that may just not be the right idea, but was I in for it? And was I hoping that he would succeed? Was I eager to see what he would do to make a bear look fabulous? Oh yes to all of it. I was invested and I loved that the kid dreamt big. Didn’t care the bears are scary.

I loved how the narrator, at least I am going to just say it is the narrator, is trying to tell Herschel that it is a bad idea. That he should turn around. But then later even the narrator is eager and encourages the boy which I just loved. It made me giggle. Even the narrator was convinced that maybe Herschel would be able to do it.

I loved seeing Herschel brush and groom and pamper the bear, because BOY that bear definitely needed a brush, haha. He was almost the forest itself.

The ending just made me giggle and laugh! That was a fantastic ending and I am sure that the bear will be one of Herschel customers for life.

The art was just fantastic as I was already hoping based on the cover. It was just so cute and fun with tons of fun details! I also loved the colours.

All in all, this book made me cheer, laugh, giggle, and smile. And it was just what I needed (not feeling all too well these past 2 weeks so this was perfect). I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone in need for a giggle and those who love a protagonist not afraid to make his dreams come true.

Star rating, 5 stars

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