Review for Only in California

Review for Only in California

Only in California: Weird and Wonderful Facts About The Golden State by Heather Alexander, Travel, Non-Fiction, Children's Book, San Francisco, California, State, US, Fun, AttractionsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love to read about countries and places. Travel is expensive and I am sorry to all people living in certain countries/places, I just don’t want to visit some countries. While I would absolutely love to visit the US one day.. it is not going to happen. Not with how unsafe it is. So I am happy that there are so many books that I can read so I can still travel in a way to the US and see various states and all the fun things that go on in there.

In this book we go to visit the state of California! From San Francisco to Palm Springs and Hollywood, I was hyped to find out a lot about this state. I was also definitely hoping for some odder and stranger facts and not just the same things you often read about.

I loved that the book started with a map to show us how the road trip through this state would go! Starting point is San Diego and the end point is Palm Springs! I loved reading about all the little parts we visited and at times I truly wished I could just step in! I loved that every topic/place we visit gets a two-paged often fully illustrated spread. With facts everywhere! From that Central Valley farmers produce around 250 different crops to that bisons roam in the Golden Gate Park to many other fun facts. There was never a dull moment and I am happy that thanks to this book I have been able to visit places I was curious about. Of course, we only get a small glimpse, but it was enough for me at the moment.

Yes, topics! Because we aren’t just visiting well-known spots in the state, we also get parts in between about all sorts of topics. Like some general facts about the state to sports to trees & flowers + animals to museums & attractions (and I so wanted to visit Whaley House and OMG an international banana museum) to inventions and well everything else. There was so much and I found myself excitedly look forward to each of these pages. This was exactly what I wanted! Find out about locations but also about other things, sometimes very odd, mostly very interesting!

I learned a lot about this state and at times just wish I could step in the book!

Oddly, there was a bridge named San Diego Coronado bridge that, according to the text, was said to be painted bright blue. However.. the bridge I saw on the illustration, and I suppose it was that bridge, only had like a wee little line that I could barely make out. I had to actually look online to see the actual colours and that the bridge is indeed quite blue at points. Why the illustrator decided to not show more of the colour or why they didn’t go for another vantage point so you could actually see more of the colour..

The illustrations (other than that bridge not being very blue) were fantastic. I just love the style of it, very gorgeous and I love the colours. Definitely have to see if this illustrator has more works!

All in all, have you been meaning to visit California? But no money/don’t want to go the US for reasons? Then I would highly recommend this gorgeous and fun book full of facts and information!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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