Review for Shoo!

Review for Shoo!

Shoo! by Susie Bower, Francesca Gambatesa, Animals, Humour, Crabby, Zoo, Silly, Picture Book, Children's BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this one on Twitter and I knew I had to have it! Then, surprise, Netgalley turned up to have it and I was accepted to read it! Whoop!

In this one we meet a crabby lady named Mrs Golightly (love her name). She loves her garden. But she doesn’t love the animals that pop up in there. Squirrels, NO. Cats? NO! Birds? SHOOO! I can tell you my first impression of the lady wasn’t a good one! I mean, I have a garden myself and I would LOVE all the cute animals to come by. Well, OK, maybe not cats. But that is because they try to kill frogs and birds and poo in my garden. But frogs? Birds? Butterflies? YAS! I was curious if I was going to be liking this crabby lady, was she going to have a chance of heart? Or would the zoo ruin it all?

Yes, a zoo. I don’t know how regulations and such were thrown overboard, but this lady gets a zoo next to her! I can hear you say that this isn’t too bad, right? The animals are in cages, they are not going to be outside, right? Well, nope. These animals have a hand in escaping it seems… or the zoo is very lax in keeping animals in. Because quite soon we see a kangaroo having a wee on her toilet. We see giraffes having a party in the garden. Did I mention the alligator on the radiator? I had quite the laugh at what was going on with the zoo, though I have to say, despite her being crabby? I was feeling sorry for the woman. I mean, I wouldn’t mind some animals, but everyday? Not sure if I would be so happy. So I could imagine her reaction when things just got too crazy. I think I would have done the same. I could relate! WOAH!

The ending was just the sweetest. It definitely was unexpected, though maybe not fully, I have read other picture books like this. But I am so happy with the Mrs. Golighty and loved seeing this side of her.

The illustrations were just the absolute best! Lovely style, lovely colours, and the animals just seem to pop out of the pages.

All in all, a laugh-out-loud book about a crabby lady and the zoo animals next door that keep visiting. Recommended!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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