Review for So You Want to Be a Knight?

Review for So You Want to Be a Knight?

So You Want to Be a Knight? by Takayo Akiyama, Hannah Pang, Blue Knights, Non-Fiction, Fun, Illustrations, Children's bookA really fun book on how to become a knight!

I read this book in Dutch but thought I would write my review in English since this book was just oodles of fun and I want more people to know about it.

In this book we follow three kids on their mission to become a knight. Kate (Kyra in Dutch), Eddie (Eddie in Dutch) and Angus (Arthur in Dutch) have aspirations to become knights, but how does one do that? Well, come along, Geoffroi de Charney will tell us all about it. From the very basics (knight code) to hardcore stuff (weapons). We follow our trio (along with a girl named Jo they met in school) as they follow all the steps and see what kind of knights they are becoming. Yes, that is what I loved so much about this book. Because each of the characters is so different. Kate is very headstrong whereas Angus is pretty much not made for being a knight, haha. Eddie is right in the middle. I loved finding out about the various aspects of knighthood, well OK, most wasn’t a surprise or new to me, but I still had plenty of fun reading the book. I loved that the book continues after how one becomes a knight, because there is more! About battles, about war, about crusades, about dirty techniques to use (yes, not very knightly but I guess some things are in a grey area or something), about medicines! There is a ton in this book.

I love how visual the book is. Not just illustrations here and there, no the whole book is chock-full of illustrations. I love that the colours are red, blue, white/grey. The illustration style was really fun, OK, I mostly loved the designs of Kate and Eddie, but that may be because I never really got to be a fan of Angus. XD

Oh, and funny, but apparently in the English book it is mentioned that the characters go back in time to become knights. Which is NEVER clearly shows. I guess that is why the Dutch blurb just threw that part out all together.

Also I get it girls, it sucked that back then one couldn’t be a knight. I get it. No need to go on about it.

I am so excited, I was checking out Amazon to see if I could find the English names which turned out to be yes, plus I found out there are 3 more books following these characters and I cannot WAIT for them to be translated into Dutch. crosses fingers it doesn’t take too long

All in all, if you are looking for an hilarious, informative, fun book I would recommend this book.

Star rating, 4 stars

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