Review for Sumo Colors

Review for Sumo Colors

Sumo Colors by Sanae Ishida, Colours, Picture Book, Non-fiction, Children's BOok, Sumo, Colouring, LanguageI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The little sumo characters are back! This time it high time to learn some colors! I am hyped! Last year I reviewed the first two books: Sumo Counting and Sumo Opposites, loving both of the books and hoping with all hope that there would be new books. After a year, they are here, and I hope that next year brings more~

In this book we are all learning about colors! We get to see a fun page for each colour with our sumo wrestlers doing something. For instance with the yellow page we see our little wrestlers check out bees, make flower crowns, and chase yellow butterflies! It is just way more fun than how books like this normally do it. By just boringly show something with that colour and be done with it. Here we just get a whole scenery fit for that colour with the characters often even wearing something of that colour (sometimes you don’t see it as their lower body is hidden). I just loved that each of the sceneries had something to do with Japan. From drinking tea at a ceremony to growing sweet potatoes to drinking some yummy sake while watching sakura blossoms. I looked forward to each new page to see what colour we would get and also what kind of scenery we would see!

Kids will love it and parents as well as there are so many things to be found in the pictures. There is plenty to talk about, to point at, to learn.

I love that, just like the other two books, we don’t just learn about colours! We also get the colour in Japanese (romaji/one of the Japanese alphabets, haven’t studied for ages so no clue which one haha). For instance Orange is Orenji and オレンジ. I just loved that in the first books, and I am happy that it continues in the next ones.

The art is still delightfully fun!

All in all, my third book in the series and I had another great time! So happy with this series and I would highly recommend them to all, these book would make a perfect addition to bookshelves.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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    1. Would highly recommend it! There are now 4 books out and I hope that more will be coming! Hope you and your little one have a fun time reading!

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