Review for Sumo Shapes

Review for Sumo Shapes

Sumo Shapes by Sanae Ishida, Yellow, Sumo, Children's Book, Picture Book, Cute, Wrestling, Words, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The little sumo characters are back! This time it high time to learn those shapes in very fun ways! I am so excited to be able to read this. Last year I reviewed the first two books: Sumo Counting and Sumo Opposites, loving both of the books and hoping with all hope that there would be new books. After a year, they are here, and I hope that next year brings more~

In this delightful sumo book we learn all about shapes. From squares to pentagons to rectangles, all the basic shapes are present! And just like the previous books we get a fun scene featuring that shape in a prominent place. Unlike the colour book it is not a whole page featuring that colour, instead we have on the left side the shape + word/language lesson and then on the right we get the scene with the shape. Once again though like the other books it is Japan-based. We see them eat Japanese style food, sleep (and dream) on a futon, try out kimono/yukata. I had great fun seeing what would be next with this book. Each page was a fun surprise.

Just like the other three books, love love love the extra addition of the language lesson. Each shape comes with the word in Japanese (Japanese alphabet, been too long that I know which one it is/romaji). For instance square (aka the wrestling square) is shikaku or しかく. Just an extra bonus and it is perfect! OH and this book even has something extra! It has a Words to Know at the end and features some of the things we saw in the pictures and what their names are.

The art was once again superfun. I just love these little sumo wrestlers~

I would highly recommend this book to all! This is a perfect book for parents and children and I think it would be a great series to add to a school library.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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