Six for Sunday ~ 7-8-2022: Books and the seaside

Six for Sunday ~ 7-8-2022: Books and the seaside

Hey hey!

Six for Sunday, Sky, Space, Stars

A beachy welcome to a new or well, old but new to me, Six for Sunday! Today we are going to the beach! Whoo!

I thought it would be fun to do a summery Six for Sunday and thankfully there are still plenty of prompts I haven’t done so I had fun searching for one that fitted with what I wanted! I found this one! Books and seaside and I just loved the sound of that! It is a prompt from July 21st of 2019! It was great fun going through lists and my own Goodreads to find some books, I hope everyone enjoys my choices. Let me know what you would have added to this Six for Sunday in the comments!

The Six for Sunday is made by Steph from Alittlebutalot. Each week features a new theme in which bloggers have to find 6 books/characters/other things.

Sand castles!!
Sandapalooza Shake-Up (Welcome to Wonderland #3) by Chris Grabenstein, Children's Book, Motel, Mystery, Humour, Friendship
Never Coming Home by Kate Williams, Beach, Blood, Sea, Mystery, Young Adult, Murder, Influencers, Island, Survival

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, Abby McDonald, Handcuffs, Flower, Beach, Murder ,Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult
Only in California: Weird and Wonderful Facts About The Golden State by Heather Alexander, Travel, Non-Fiction, Children's Book, San Francisco, California, State, US, Fun, Attractions
Five Go Down To The Sea (The Famous Five #12) by Enid Blyton, Laura Ellen Anderson, Beach, Sea, Kids, Dog, Mystery, Adventure, Children's Book

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