Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-8-2022 (Vacation Edition)

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 7-8-2022 (Vacation Edition)

Hey all!

A summery welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! The first one for my vacation! Eep! It is finally here! Finally I can read these books!

So the past week was pretty uneventful, just like the week before that. But we did have a fun event yesterday. The beer tour in the city next to us was back again! Which meant some yummy beers, snacks, and friends (and colleagues of my husband). We were really happy that it was yesterday because a week later and we wouldn’t have been able to go! Now it was like the perfect start for our vacation! Whoo!

Here is my very first pile of books I hope to read this very first week of the vacation! For some reason it wasn’t that hard to pick these books. Haha, I was thinking it would be hard to choose, but when I started I knew which one I wanted immediately! Handy! I also hope to add some library books to this stack this week when I visit the vacation library on Monday!

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Thank you all for reading! Let me know in the comments which book looks good/if one of these is on your TBR + what you are reading this upcoming week! I may not answer immediately due to my vacation, but I will try to reply when I can! I hope everyone has a wonderful and fun week, enjoy and stay safe!

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